One from every Brand at Sephora – The A’s Part 2

Brokedown Vanity - One from every Brand at Sephora - A's Part 1

Here is the second installment of my new Feature on the blog. You can catch this every Thursday and Saturday Morning.

The general premise is I go through the list of brands on Sephora and pick one item I would willingly purchase with my usual funds and buying habits, then one item that I would get if I had unlimited funds.

All photos used in these posts are screenshots from Sephora taken the day the post was created. All aesthetic credits go to Sephora and the Brands they represent.

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ALTERNA Haircare

Luxury Haircare crafted with Science and Pure Ingredients.

This Brand offers through Sephora a wide selection of haircare products.

I’ve been doing more to my hair this year than I probably ever have in my entire life. Trying lots of products, and dying it fun colours. I actually liked a few things in this lineup.

Alterna Haircare - Bamboo Beach Breeze Dry Balm

Alterna – Bamboo Beach Breeze Dry Balm – $29CAD- 100ml/3.4oz

I’ve been really into wanting to try out things that are very different for me. I don’t think I have ever tried something with Bamboo in it as an ingredient, other than home decor or food. I liked those lip balms from the last post of this series, and the one I chose was bambooesque, so I guess it really is my thing right now.

My hair has been getting curlier and curlier as I get older, and I like trying different products to get them how I want them. Finally just embracing them, because there isn’t a thing I can really do to stop them from growing in tighter. Also having the frizz control added in is a great bonus, a two for one item.

Alterna Haircare - Caviar Anit-Aging Anti-Frizz Trio Kit

Alterna – Caviar Anti-Aging Anit-Frizz Kit – $95.50CAD – 3 Item Pack

If I had all the money to do whatever I wanted with, I would get this. I love fishy stuff, so why would I not want Caviar in my hair, seriously. I already eat lots of fish and seafood, and take oils with my vitamins, but being able to put that right into my hair . . .

I like the idea of Anti-Aging for your hair, like how does hair age, I will have to look that up and do research.. Maybe it will explain why mine grows quicker now that I am older, and is becoming more bouncy and coiled.

Again, anything with Frizz control is my friend, My hair sheds a lot, but also grows back in at a quick rate, so I always have like 1000 little wisps at my hairline.


Amazing Cosmetics

The Concealer Expert.

This Brand offers through Sephora a very small collection of makeup products, focusing on concealers.

I don’t wear concealer a lot, and once you find ones you like, you sort of just stick with them, until they no longer seems to work. I was seriously unimpressed by what was offered here. I wouldn’t buy anything from here, even if I had all the money in the world. The shade ranges suck too. They have decent reviews though, so many one of you who wears concealer a bit more often than I would like to check them out. Good luck finding a colour to suit you though.

I sound a bit harsh, but I was seriously think this store is a dude for me.



For a Lifestyle of Hair Rebellion.

This Brand offers through Sephora a wide selection of haircare products as well as Hair Styling Tools.

I love hair masks, and this brand has a few that look really promising. Now that my daughter is older, I use them on her too, and her hair stays so silky for like ever. I feel like they lock in scents really well too, for you hair, alongside the repairing they do. There are some sprays here that look interesting as well.

Amika - Not So Basic Travel Set

Amika – Not So Basic Travel Set – $42CAD – 4 Item Pack

There was a good number of products that I liked, but recently I have been obsessed with travel sizes, as I have an upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic. It is my first time going to another country(besides Dinesyworld when I was 2, and Detroit for History Class when I was in Grade 10). I’ve never flown outside the country, and I have never had to worry about all the liquids and weights of things. My sister said sometimes it is just easier to get an item already spec’d for travel.

I think each of these products would help any trip go smoothly, and the price point is great.

Amika - Mighty Mini Downtown Styler

Amika – Mighty Mini Downtown Styler – $36CAD

This would be the sort of thing I would only get if I had an excess of money to spare. It is super cute, and I do think I really want it, but in reality, I don’t travel often(as you can see above), or I should say, I don’t typically travel outside my own country. I also only use a flatiron a few times a year. Having one I could stick in my travel bag would be nice though. I have a mini blow dryer, which I barely use too, but love.

In the reviews it says this gets really hot fast. That is good for ironing, maybe not so great on your hands. I’d just stuff this in an oven mitt, and pack in my suitcase, problem solved! Bonus Product Protection!



High Performance Skincare powered by Asian Botanicals.

This Brand offers through Sephora a wide selection of skincare products as well as a very limited amount of makeup products.

This was an interesting one to sift though, and  really figure out what I thought would appeal to me most. The packaging is very sleek, but it doesn’t catch the eye, and make you drawn in to one item over the other. You really have to read. But man, the ingredients, and they way they word things. It all sounds to luxurious and good for your skin.

Amorepacific - Moisture Bound Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System

Amorepacific – Moisture Bound Facial Mist – $42CAD – 80ml/2.7oz

I have only tried one facial mist since getting back on the bandwagon of beauty products. It isn’t a high quality one either, but it is enough to know that it does help my skin. So it makes me wonder what something specifically gear for people with dry skin would do for my face. It also has bamboo in it! hahahah

Amorepacific - The Essential Icons

Amorepacific – The Essential Icons Kit – $95CAD – 5 Item Pack

This pack has a little bit of everything in it, as well as the above mentioned mist. I would never buy this for myself, unless I did something super amazing and felt I needed a treat. I might con someone into getting it for me though. Everything in this kit sounds great, and I might try to find more affordable options, just to try things out. I think that is part of the issue with some of these more expensive items and me. I haven’t even experienced some of these things, so I am not likely to just jump the gun and get one, although I do love the idea of these trial kits, so good on all those companies that do offer them.


Anastasia Beverly Hills

Beauty Innovators.

This Brand offers through Sephora a wide selection of makeup products as well as a small amount of beauty tools and brushes.

I recently tried my very first Anastasia Beverly Hills item, ans was left very unimpressed. It didn’t perform any better than some of my drugstore favs, and might even have been a tad bit worse, if I am going to be honest. The brand didn’t live up to the hype, or maybe I should say item, as it was just one item after all. I believe you can’t judge anything by giving it just one go, so I’d be willing to try some other products, I think I’d just have to do instore testing first.

ABH - Blush Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Blush Kit – $27CAD – 4.7g/0.68oz

I don’t have many blushes in my current collection, so this sort of called out to me. I prefer a matte blush, to be honest, so the idea of a satin blush is mildly scary. I have read that these are buildable, so I think I should get away with buffing these out with other blushes, so they aren’t too shimmery. Having dry skin, and eczema that likes to pop up on the tops of my cheeks(but more near the area towards my temples), things that can stick and reflect are sort of bad. I’d test it, and if it don’t look too bad, I’d be willing to get it.

ABH - Subculture Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Subculture Eyeshadow Palette – $55CAD

I really like the collection of eyeshadows in this palette. It would suit my eye colour really well too, as I have green eyes with lots of blue and yellow in them. I have heard bad things about this palette too, but I feel like with eyeshadows, if you know what you are doing, you can make anything work. Would I want to invest that amount of money into something that is really hard to work with, probably not. That is why this is a pick for if I had all the money to throw at it. I might swatch this some day, anyway. It looks really nice.


First 9 down, and only 300+ more to go! I did end up finding a few things that I will probably get myself, as well as some products I might try to find cheaper alternatives for.

The Winner this round for me was Amika, there are a few things I saw that I liked, and I think they were reasonably priced and the sizes were decent for what the products were.

‘Til Later


***Disclaimer – I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned on this blog. I just started to blog, so who would sponsor me, seriously. All items featured were purchased with my own money, gained by some other means, like awesome gifts from peoples, trades, or perhaps even a promotion of some sort.***



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