#BloggersPromotingBloggers – May 2018

Brokedown Vanity - #BloggersPromotingBloggers - May 2018

***WARNING: Long Post Ahead!!!***

I started the Twitter Hashtag #BloggersPromotingBloggers on May 7th 2018, as a way to promote those fellow bloggers that I read. I try to pick a post, new or old, almost each day. I pick the posts from my inbox, so these are all posts to blogs I am currently subscribed to.

Here is the initial introduction to this hashtag, and a bit more on why I started it:

An Introduction to #BloggersPromotingBloggers

As a new blogger myself, I know how hard it can be to get your content seen. I am not a big blogger by far, but I figured this could be my little way of getting a few more views for others.

I love this blog, and enjoy the mix of everyday makeup looks with the extra special ones that pop up every once in a while. This one was super beautiful.

Sometimes it’s nice to share a post on tips for your blog, and this one is for us WordPress Bloggers. Maybe you could learn a thing or two on how to get more readers for your wordpress blog too!

I love the art style, humour, and quirkiness that comes from this blog. I always enjoy seeing the posts mixed in with all the makeup of my inbox.

In recent years, I have been interested in the idea of quilting. I don’t know if I will ever actually get the materials and make one, but I do enjoy looking at them and appreciating the time and effort that goes into making them.

I had written a post about these, and then this popped into my inbox. This is such a fun product. The colours are great, I’d love to put these on in front of little old ladies at church or something, haha.

One of my favorite blogs I follow. It’s always so fun to read the posts here. Hannah reminds me of myself, when I was younger.

This was such an interesting post, and I am glad there are ways to still enjoy David Bowie, even with him now gone from his earthly form.

Another of my most favourite blogs. If I wanted to become a professional makeup artist, this is who my role model would have been. I would have had to be born later in life, but you get the idea. She is good.

Speaking of makeup artists, this is a very interesting post, and I think many could learn from it, as it can be applied to many job fields, learned talents and dreams.

Sometimes the pursuit of beauty isn’t all that pretty, and something goes wrong. Luckily there are bloggers who share their bad times, along with the good, and we benefit with nifty natural tips and tricks.

For those of you who live in the States, gift with purchases are great! On this blog, Lisa basically shares all the major ones she finds, as well as a few other offers thrown in. I sort of use it as a hint of when maybe we might get something in Canada, and it has worked more than a few times now.

As I recently learned, while trying to take pictures of my own back, sometimes it is hard getting those shots you want for the blog, by yourself. If you have a partner, than maybe this post can help you get an Instagram Husband/Wife/Partner


I even managed to get some other Twitter users posting with my Hashtag, haha. Here are their posts, maybe they are a blogger you could be interested in.

While these posts aren’t about sharing other blogs content, but rather self promotion, I still felt excited. I’m sharing it anyway!

Becky is a fellow Beauty blogger, from the UK.

This is a Canadian Family that travels around the world. I’m all for promoting fellow Canadians.


Well that was all that I managed to tweet for May. I feel like it wasn’t enough, but I guess it was more than nothing, right?

If you have a Twitter, and you would like to promote other bloggers and their content, I am more than happy to promote them as well. Let build a content sharing community together.

‘Til Tomorrow


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