Wrap-up of the #springintosummer2018 Instagram Photo Challenge

Brokedown Vanity - Photo Challenge hosted by Supernova

I have to say, this didn’t go how I planned it to. When I wrote the first post, introducing the challenge, #springintosummer2018 Instagram Photo Challenge , and my goals for it, I wasn’t too worried. I’d been in challenges before, I am competitive, I can do this.

There was only one main goal, and that was to get me to post more regularly to instagram.

I did end up doing several post over the course of the challenge, Favourite Things – Lipart in which I got to share my love of lipart, Just Nail It – Spring Manicure in which I did a mani I really liked, so much I ended up doing my toes, and my daughters nails the same way. I also showed a few shots of the scarves I started to use in shots #springintosummer2018 Instagram Photo Challenge – Scarves.

I was doing really good all around. Then tragedy struck. I had the eczema flare, and didn’t want to show my face. I was uninspired to gather products for shots, when I’d rather do lips or makeup looks for the challenge. Since I got behind, I didn’t go on Instagram anymore, I didn’t want to see what everyone else was doing, while I felt stuck.

It is amazing how one thing can kaleidoscope, and then the rock just keeps tumbling down. I actually went from being super jazzed, to all out avoiding Instagram.

I ended my posts on May 22nd, so really only had 9 days left, I shouldn’t feel bad. For some reason in my head, I think I need to do all the days. I also felt like I couldn’t post anything else, as it would screw up my perfect month of challenges.

Crazy how you mind can work, because in the beginning, I really thought I’d pick and choose which ones I liked best and just do those.

Here are a few of the last shots I did of the challenge.

I am almost glad this is the last pic up there, at least it is really pretty.

What I did learn, was this:

  1. – I will never be someone who remembers to post every day, and that is okay. I don’t need to. It is only Instagram after all, it will do a day without me.
  2. – I learned how to size my photos right to fit on Instagram, so ya!
  3. – I wont participate in any daily challenges, haha I think I’d prefer to just have a list of things, and go do them one by one, whenever, until the list is done, then start another.
  4. – I got better at taking photos.
  5. – I really like lipart, and Instagram seems like the perfect place for that, people there really seem to like it too.
  6. – This challenge did bring me many new followers, and I am thankful for that.
  7. – Don’t let my mind get in the way of things, and complete tasks in whatever interpretation I see fit, Makeup is a broad genre, there are so many ways I can interpret things.
  8. – I now have a decent amount of photos for people to look back though, where before I think I only had 8.

Why did I blog this, if in my mind, I failed?

Well, sometimes we aren’t perfect, but we can learn from our failures(even if we are only failures in our own mind, and not to anyone else). Sharing those experiences might help someone else too. We are all human, and even those of us who are predominantly happy, can get stuck in a dark place, even for really silly reasons. We are always more hard on ourselves, than anyone else. Sometimes 22 days is better than 31, as long as it got you somewhere in the end.

Hurray for small victories I guess, now I should probably go visit Instagram . . .

I might brainstore like 100 ideas, or words or something, and just do them when I do them sort of thing. If it takes 2 years, that is okay, haha.

‘Til Tomorrow


***Disclaimer – I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned on this blog. I just started to blog, so who would sponsor me, seriously. All items featured were purchased with my own money, gained by some other means, like awesome gifts from peoples, trades, or perhaps even a promotion of some sort.***


3 thoughts on “Wrap-up of the #springintosummer2018 Instagram Photo Challenge

  1. I also tried som Instagram challenges in the past but sometimes didn’t have time to do and although it brought me some new folloers, as it goes in the world of Instagram, they come and go😄

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Helen, you totally did a great job on this challenge! Your lip art was so inspired, it was awesome! I’m so sorry you had that flare up, that is really hard and it is totally understandable that you backed off of instagram during that. These daily challenges are definitely meant to give inspiration, but they are also meant to be flexible. You definitely don’t need to post everyday. I just encourage people to post as much as they can, which you did!


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