One from every Brand at Sephora – New Blog Feature

Brokedown Vanity - One from every Brand at Sephora - Intro

One of the reasons why I made this blog was to learn about all the new things in the beauty world, and how it evolved since the time I was in the middle of it.

I like to research, and one of the ways I do it is by reading reviews. I have a few sites I visit, and Sephora is one of them.

I use to be an avid buyer at Sephora, when it first came to the city I lived in at the time, Toronto Canada. Now luckily the locations are more spread out, so while I don’t live in the big city, I do have a Sephora location within a 35min drive from me.

I prefer on location shopping, but I did recently purchase my first order online last month, for my Bday. I was seriously impressed by how quickly my shipment came, it was stupid fast.

Due to this, I often browse the site more now, than I ever use to. Before it was for information, now it is for convenience. Since they do have a warehouse in canada, I don’t have to worry about extra taxes, duty nor conversion.

What has this all got to do with anything? Why am I rambling again? haha

Well I decided since I enjoy my overall experience with the Sephora site right now, I was going to do a little self challenge. It will be a learning experience both for me, and maybe for you too.

I have decided to go through the whole list of brands on the site, one by one, starting from A and going to Z. I will pick 2 items(but the title says one??? stick with me here), One for if I was shopping for myself, normally, and one if I had no budget, so like fantasy shopping, haha. Originally I was only going to choose one item from each brand, but I was like, some things I would never actually buy due to price point alone. So now it has become 2 items, but I am sticking with the name, because it sounds better as a blog title.

This will be a new Feature on the blog, happening every week. It will be a bonus feature, so it wont replace any of the current dailies I have. This feature will be on Thursday and Saturday Mornings. Once I go though the whole alphabet, I will just start over, as new products are ever appearing, as well as new brands. It will take me a good while to get through the current list on the site, so it’ll be a slow project.

My goal for this project is to learn new things, about brands I might otherwise passed by. I also am interested in finding out about innovative products, things that are different, that were not easily accessible in my younger, makeup filled days.

Hopefully you all learn something along the way as well!

‘Til Later



8 thoughts on “One from every Brand at Sephora – New Blog Feature

    1. I am too. I am also curious as to what I will actually end up buying in the future to try out, haha. It might not be the best on my bank account, I’ll have to start putting these things on my gifting lists too, so I can con people into getting them for me.

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      1. I am really looking forward to the products I don’t have anything like. I am sure there are some hidden on that site somewhere. I know there is blacklight lipstick on there. I’d so host a blacklight party just so I could wear it, haha. Leave glowy smooches all over the place.

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