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Brokedown Vanity - Jewelry Tinkering - Harvest Necklace - Apart

I had been out shopping, and while picking up giftbags for my son’s bday at Dollar Tree, I saw some rather cute glass beads. They reminded me of candy corn, which made me want to make halloween necklaces for a few people.

This Harvest Necklace is what came out of the beads. I originally wanted to make actual candy corn themed ones as the gifts, but I didn’t know how much wear the intended persons would get from them, so I decided to make something for them that would work all of the fall. I did make black ones and white ones for my daughter and I(after these harvest ones were done).

I think this style is called a lariat, but I don’t totally remember.

Brokedown Vanity - Jewelry Tinkering - Harvest Necklace - Suplies

This one isn’t going to be an actual tutorial, as I can’t totally explain what I did to make this. I will try to make it make sense, but we will see how it goes.

Supplies Needed:

Seed Beads of various sizes and colours – Used here are 8/0, 10/0, 11/0(sizes vary between brands, and that is okay, we want that variety – feel free to use all your not perfect beads, it makes it more organic)
Glass Beads in your preferred colours – I have Yellow, Orange and Red
Jump Rings – I used Antique Copper in 14mm Diameter, 10mm Diameter and 3mm Diameter(The big rings are the most important size, as you need to be able to pass your tassel through it, the other 2 sizes can be whatever size, as long as it looks pleasing to you)
Thread of Choice – I am using Coats Upholstery Nylon Centered Thread
Beading Needle – I used a size 10, just check to make sure it will pass though your smallest beads a few times with doubled thread
Pliers – Anything really as long as they aren’t threaded on the inside(have lines) – These will be used to open and close your jump rings. I use Round Nose Pliers.
A Few Hands – They come in handy with projects like these

Brokedown Vanity - Jewelry Tinkering - Harvest Necklace - Trays

While these aren’t necessary, I just found them and thought they were super cute. Been using these a lot lately. These are little trays, marketed in the Wedding Section of Dollar Tree. I liked the size and felt they could fit into my crafting tray nicely, so I got them. Thought I’d tell you about them, in case you craft a lot. They would be good for paint and glue too, for other projects.

Brokedown Vanity - Jewelry Tinkering - Harvest Necklace - Bead Packages

This is what the Glass Beads I got looked like(I already had opened the candy corn ones before I even thought to do this post). Bought them at Dollar Tree too. They are made well, and are fused nicely.  They don’t have sharp edges anywhere. Some of the best beads I had ever seen at Dollar Tree. I have only found these 3 variants so far.

Dollar Tree is worth it to check out for crafting supplies, even if just to supplement what you already have.

Brokedown Vanity - Jewelry Tinkering - Harvest Necklace - Ctrafting Tray

This is my mobile beading station. I had to have something I could fit multiple projects on, have it sturdy enough, have a lip(in case I do spill beads).

I often work on a few things in one sitting, so I have enough supplies here to make a bunch of things.

The little 6 pan pallets came from Dollarama, you get 6 in a package. I use them for finding and bead sorting during project making. The big white tray is also a paint palette, but I got it at Walmart. The little wedding trays fit perfecting into the square ones, so I am really loving this combo right now.

The big wooden tray I got from Dollarama in the summer, it was an outdoor patio serving tray. Any serving tray will work though, as they typically have lips on them. This one is small enough it fits into a drawer, so when I am done working on things, and I stuff it in there, and not worry about kids and cats getting into things. It is about 44cm by 26 cm. Wish I had of thought to buy more, it is so handy.

Brokedown Vanity - Jewelry Tinkering - Harvest Necklace - Small Bead Mix

So, back to the project. You are going to want to look through your bead stash, and find colours to go along with your glass beads. I picked browns, reds, oranges and yellows. I think by the end of it, I had like 9 different types of beads in there. I just took a big of everything, and started pouring it into my tray. I put more brown in, to break the colours up and act as the base colour. Due to this, the brown is the one that has the biggest beads, so that it’ll really stand out and act as a good base.

If you want to learn more on how to make your own bead soup mixes, feel free to watch this video I found on the subject.

The Beads!

Brokedown Vanity - Jewelry Tinkering - Harvest Necklace - Big Bead Mix

Here are the glass beads that inspired me. I thought they were really too cute.

So, in my first run with this project, I had it in my head that I was going to make it all in one go, and I wasn’t going to make the tassel separate from the main necklace. It worked out fine, but you really need to make sure that your thread is the same colour as your main seed bead colour, or you are going to see exposed threads really easily. The magic of beading is always leaving people guessing how it was made, without people seeing how it was made, as that can make people perceive it as less worth, if they can see how it was done. At least in the Artisan Jewelry world.

So I made the tassel first. I just made sure to make the sections different lengths. I started at the tip of one.

All I did was take my thread, and do double my arm’s length. I then threaded the thread onto my needle. I beaded on one bead. I tied the ends with a surgeons knot.

In case you don’t know how to make a surgeons knot, here is a video:

Since my first one was a prototype, I didn’t put any glue on mine. E600 takes 24 hours to dry, and I just didn’t want to be fiddling with glue, and trying to go back through beads with it in there. So no glue on my project.

Once I knotted my threads, I offset the knot, so that when I put the glass bead on, the knot will actually be hidden inside the bigger bead.

After that was done, I just beaded on seed beads and glass beads until I was happy with the length. At the end, I use a big brown bead, one of the 8/0 seed beads. This is our turning point, and also where there will be exposed thread. That is why you have to match it really well.

So go through the 8/0, bead your next tassel. Once you get your last glass bead on, put a seed bead of a matching colour on your thread, then loop back up and go back through all your beads. Repeat with the last tassel. Once done, make sure you can pass them though your largest jump ring. If there is lots of room, you can make another tassel.

The flaw in my prototype is that the first tassel isn’t double reinforced like the others. I really should have started with the big 8/0 turn around bead, as the first bead. Since I am using upholstery thread, I am not worried at all, but this is something to consider, if you are using other types of thread.

Additionally, you could just make the tassel separate, and have it attach with a clamshell crimp or something else like that. It would make it more like a pendant.

I then just started beading out of the 8/0 turnaround bead, bunting up some large beads next to it, then beading however I wanted. I put a few glass beads on, then just plain beaded until I go to the point where I wanted more glass beads. Due to the style of this necklace, you can have it rather long if you want. Mine was nearly 64cm when done.

I made sure to end with another one of those large brown 8/0 seed beads. This is where your jump ring will slide through. I put on a 10mm, then two 3mm, then the big 14mm. The reason why I use two 3mm is because I am not soldering these closed, so it is just an extra reinforcement, and it looks nice.

Brokedown Vanity - Jewelry Tinkering - Harvest Necklace - Together

There, you now have a necklace, or at least the idea for one.

I really like asymmetrical and organic looking things, and this is the perfect design for that sort of thing.

This is a good gift for older women, who have issue with little clasps and things behind their head. They can just clasp this in the front, with no fuss and not even really needing to see it, you can just do it by feel.

I made one of these for my kids great-grandmother, who has issues seeing, and issues with her hands. She is who part inspired this design.

I hope you found this helpful in some way, enjoy your crafting!

‘Til Later,

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