Just Nail It – Fimo Nail Art Supplies

Brokedown Vanity - JNI - Fimo Nail Art

So overcast today, and I had to turn on the lamp for these shots. It sort of ended up casting a pink glow somehow. It looks interesting anyway, though a bit different from my normal shots.

So what are we looking at today???

It is something I have wanted to play with for a long time now, but just never got around to actually picking up. I’ve used Fimo clay for crafting, but never though to use it on my nails.

While deep in the bidding on Ebay, for jewelry supplies, I thought to check some of the other things for offer, such as actual jewelry and nail supplies.

I wasn’t impressed with what was up there for auctions, but in the “Buy it Now” section, I did find some cute things for $0.99CAD.

One of the things was a package of mixed Fimo art, which container 1000 pieces. You could get bags of just animals or flowers(and so on), but I wanted to see what all was in a mixed bag. I ordered one, and waited for it to show up.

Now they don’t actually count them, so there is more than 1000 in the bag I got. There was also about 25 broken ones, so I feel that made up for it. A few were not cut thinly, so they would not be good on nails. Otherwise, the actual quality of these is really nice.

Brokedown Vanity - JNI - Fimo Nail Art - Flowers

Size wise, they range from 4 mm to about 7mm. There are size variations of the same designs, so there are some hearts that are big, and from the same design, there are some that are small. I think this has more to do with the Fimo canes at time of being cut, rather than something they intended to do. I don’t mind, as all the designs are rather crisp. It is nice having smaller versions.

There seems to be enough of each variation, with only a few designs not having many. I feel it is rather easy to create a nail theme by looking at these.

I self sorted these into my own themes, and put them in this little container. I got this at Dollar Tree. You get the 12 little twist lid containers, all house in a larger one for $1.25CAD. Not bad, I might have to pick up more of these.

Now, I don’t really know much about actually applying these and if they will stand up. I do know I have seen people put them on as is, and some encapsulate them. I think the later would be safer, and the former you will have to deal with catching them on things, like your hair. I’d probably put less on in that case, maybe just thumb and pinky.

Brokedown Vanity - JNI - Fimo Nail Art - Animals

These would be a really fun and easy way to dress up a single colour manicure. Or even give your poor toes some love(in the summer, not sure about socks and winter, haha).

If you are interested in the exact listing I got mine at is:

1000X Nail Art Mix Design Fimo Slices Polymer Clay Stickers Decoration Manicure

I did have to wait about 30 days for it to come in, but it was delivered with no issues to the package or product. To try to get something similar at home would have costed me way more. I think this was a great deal.

For readers who aren’t in Canada, when checking Ebay, just type in Nail Art Fimo Mix into search. That was how I originally searched for mine. There are a lot of different mixes out there. I might get a just flower one next.

I think you can even get the baked canes, if you’d like to make the slices yourself.

Well, that is it from me today.

‘Til Tomorrow,

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