Lipart Roundup – Artist: Federica Morello

Brokedown Vanity - Lipart Roundup - Artist Federica Morello

Federica Morello is an Italian based photographer that enjoys dabbling in Makeup Artistry. I came across this artist randomly while searching for gothic makeup on Instagram. While she doesn’t specifically deal only in lipart, she does do a wide range of it, and thus gained me as an avid follower.

She does w wide range of themes, likes to go outside the norm of lipart(if you could even say there is a norm). I like how she reshapes and goes beyond the traditional lip shapes. I also like when she gets “messy” with her looks.

I thought I’d add a photo of her whole face. I just liked this look, probably because it is flashy and bright.

Her latest work, this organic and geometric design all rolled into one. I love the dark colour scheme to this one.

Oh halloween, how I love these. Halloween lipart is some of my favorite, it is always interesting to see where people will take it.

I love this organized mess.

This is where that reshaping of the lipst comes into play.

She does a lot of doodle work, which is something I use to do a lot myself, just on my arms and hands.

I really like this, I love organic, dark and broken looking things.

She does some amazing scroll work, this is just one of many.

Legit fuzzy lips! Not my favorite colour, but it was too nifty to leave out.

This is really cool, it is like those fluid art paintings people do with the cups.

Your lips art a canvas, it is okay to treat them as such sometimes, even if just for fun. This is something I’d love to try.

If you would like to see what else she has done, and some of her full makeup looks, please have a visit of her instagram.


If you are interested, and want to see some more lipart, I have a Pinterest Board dedicated to the art.

Hope you enjoyed and give these artists some love!

‘Til Tomorrow

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