Shopping Haul – Birthday Shop at Mixed Stores

Brokedown Vanity - SH - Mixed BDay - 1

As per my No Buy, this is a prepurchased Haul from April. I actually got this haul from a bunch of different store the day after my birthday. There is a lot of random stuff, probably because I made so many stops and picked up things here and there.

Brokedown Vanity - SH - Mixed BDay - 2

This was all the nail based items I purchased. All the Sassy+Chic came from Dollar Tree. I thought I’d experiment with the stencils, stickers, and got some more things to glue on the nails. Picked up the Glam Doll polish from there too, I thought the colour was pretty, and I don’ have anything like it. Each item was $1.25CAD.

I picked up the Sally Hansen from Dollarama for $1.99. It is called Ice queen and has 3 sizes of glitter, large being aqua, medium being lilac and small being silver. I thought it was cool looking.

I’ve been enjoying my Sally Hansen Big series of polishes, and the only one I didn’t pick up in my original haul was the Big Primer Base Coat, so I thought I’d get it and try it out. I have been using a polish not intended as a base, as a base, so I sort of needed one. I picked this one up at Walmart.

Brokedown Vanity - SH - Mixed BDay - 3

I purchased these at the Real Canadian Superstore. I saw the pineapple candle holder, and really liked it, thought it would be cute in pictures. I picked the toothbrush hlder and water cup for the kids upper bathroom, but that is where I sometimes take shots now, so I thought these might not look so bad off to the side of shots. Dual purpose, haha. Mr. Pineapple Candle Holder was $3CAD, came in 6 colours, and the other two were $2CAD each.

Brokedown Vanity - SH - Mixed BDay - 4

I got the hair dye at Dollarama, for just in case I needed my roots a bit lighter than what I got them to go to with the last box of dye. This up in preparation for my dreads, for when I install them. I have never used L’Oreal dye, but it was $3.50CAD, so if I am allergic to it, it isn’t the end of the world. I do love mousse dyes, so hopefully it works out.

I saw these sprinkles on sale at the Real Canadian Superstore for $0.94CAD. I had already picked up a gold one a while ago, but I like variety, so decided to pick these up too. The purpose for these will be lipart, when I get around to it.

The Delectable hand creams were a part of a giftpack, there was 4 all together, but the other two I gave away for mother’s day gifts. It was only $4.99CAD for the 4 pack at Shoppers Drug Mart, but I used my PC points, so they were Free. I’ve tried two other products from this company, so am fairly certain these will work just fine for me.

The Body Shop Morninga Shower Gel was a weird little find. We have a St. Vincent de Paul in town, which I love going to with the kids. They like to use their allowance money on the twenty cent toys there. We normally find some really cool stuff. I get yarn there all the time too(I knit and crochet). I found this perfectly sealed shower gel on one of the shelves in the back, and was like oooOOOooo, haha. Nice little $1CAD find. It smells really nice, I might save it for my trip in november.

I’ve been seeing all these SPF gluestick type things all over the place this year. I am allergic to most sunscreens, but I seem somewhat okay with Banana Boat. When I saw this at the local Dollarama, I scooped it right up. I saw it in Walmart, same exact one for, nearly $12, so this one for $3CAD was a steal. Checked the batch just in case, and it is perfectly fine. Will be good for when we go fishing up north, and only my face is in the sun. Can just keep it in my pocket.

I also saw these pore strips at Dollarama, and thought they might make a nice experiment for the blog. I saw them at winners for like $5.99CAD, so I am nor sure what they are normally at, since Winners normally sells stuff discounted, but picking them up for $1.25CAD is even better, so score!

Brokedown Vanity - SH - Mixed BDay - 5

The fun and colourful pic of the bunch!

I went to Shoppers Drug Mart to grab this NYX Ultimate Eyehsadow palette in Brights, it was $19.99CAD, but I used some of my PC points for my BDay, and got this for free. Also picked up the two Wet n Wild Halloween Face Paint Palettes for $4.99CAD, but again, I had like $70 worth of points, so I got those free too.

I picked up the Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Correcting Palette at the Real Canadian Superstore on sale, I thought I might make for some interesting experimenting, I don’t typically wear foundation, but I want to do some cosplay makeup on the blog coming up and I will be using foundation for that. I am hoping this works out for my under eye bags. It was $3.69CAD, I honestly can’t recall the original price, I know it was over a dollar off the normal price though.

Lastly, I had been wanting this Wet n Wild Palette in Not a Basic Peach for a good while, but all the stores I have been visiting near me on my weekly shopping day, hasn’t had it in stock. Finally found one at Walmart. Not sure if I got lucky, because the girl was just stocking the one isle, or what. It was $6.67CAD, so like $0.30CAD off. Just a little discount, but a Discount none the less.

Brokedown Vanity - SH - Mixed BDay - 6

I purchased these Billie lashes for a DIY I want to do for you all. They were $1.25CAD each at Dollar Tree. I got the elf Lash & Brow Spoolie for the same reason, this one at Walmart, for $1.97CAD. Also got the Hard Candy Glitter Glue while at Walmart, I don’t have one, I’ve been using other things for photos, but I figured if I ever want to go out with the more glittery stuff, I best have something. This is better than nothing, and I will be testing it out soon. I have seen the Nyx one around more recently, so I might get it too, after the No Buy is done, and do a comparison. It is a lot of glue for $6.98CAD, decent deal if it works right. We will see.

I found this L’Oreal Brow Gel Mascara at a Dollorama, I got it while I still had the cranberry hair. I totally forgot my hair grows stupid fast, and was all like, I need to make my brows darker. totally forgetting that it was only going to b like 5 weeks of dark hair, haha. I will get use out of this though, as my dreads are duo toned. I normally see these for like $10, and got this one for $4CAD, so good deal.

Lastly I got another Gosh Waterproof Eyeliner in a dark purple colour. I told you the last time, I was going to try to collect them all, haha. Only $3CAD at Shoppers Drug Mart, but again, used my PC points, so it was free.

Brokedown Vanity - SH - Mixed BDay - 7

I got this fan at Dollarama, for drying product on my face. I have been using a magazine, so thought it was time for something more fancy. It was only $1.50CAD.

Walmart had some makeup brushes for sale, this Real Techniques pack was $8CAD, not sure what it was normally. I needed a new lip brush, ‘sepcially if I was going to be doing more lipart. I picked up this Still Spa Essential brush for $1.25CAD, it looks like they were downsizing the display for these specific brushes. I Really like these brushes, and I didn’t have this one, so I thought “what the hey!”.

The elf products I got for an idea I have, and if it works out, you will end up seeing it on the blog. Found these at Walmart too, for $2.97CAD each.

I remember it being a busy day of running around, as I went shopping and picked this all up along the way. It’ll be good to finally be able to use some of this on the blog, now that this has been posted. It has sort of all just been sitting for a month, because I hadn’t gotten around to photos yet.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend, and if you live in Canada, hope you enjoy the holiday, I picked up fireworks, so excited!

‘Til Tomorrow


***Disclaimer – I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned on this blog. I just started to blog, so who would sponsor me, seriously. All items featured were purchased with my own money, gained by some other means, like awesome gifts from peoples, trades, or perhaps even a promotion of some sort.***


4 thoughts on “Shopping Haul – Birthday Shop at Mixed Stores

    1. I haven’t done too much with them just yet. It is a very weird face paint, as you can’t actually use them around your eyes. Fine for the rest of the face though(even lips). So you definitely have to mix it with other products, which mildly sucks.

      They are not like normal face paint, they remind me almost of a eyeshadow creme. Some of the colours apply really pigmented(even the darks), where others don’t.

      When I saw these at shoppers, there was 4 palettes in total, but I only got the ones I thought I’d have a lot of use for.

      I want to use the pastel ones for fantasy contour I think, and the other ones for eyebrows, lips and other things.

      I haven’t tested on my face yet, but I have been painting with them on my arm, and once I knew it was safe, I did some butterflies and stuff on my kids. Doesn’t hold up too well with rigorous kid play, but it did a solid 4 hours out in the hot weather, sprinkler, water gun fights and general grass rolling without running. My kids just touch their faces a lot, and this stuff does transfer. I didn’t set it in any way though.

      I think these can work well for various things, you would just have to figure out the right mix of product to use with them.

      The pastel formula is thicker and a bit better than the metallics, but I like the metallics more, haha.

      These came out in september of 2017 for the upcoming halloween season. There are some nifty tutorials out on the web with them, though it seems some people didn’t know they aren’t for use around the eyes.

      I did see them at my local walmart when getting my kids costumes, I just didn’t have a need for them at the time, though I don’t really need them now either.

      I will enjoy these though.

      Let me know if you want a palette, I know when I was getting allergy pills last week in Shoppers, they still had like 5 of them. I can just mail it to you.

      It would be fun to see you do costume makeup.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow you could copy and paste that review into is own post! Damn woman! Honestly I bought a flash palette a couple of years ago and I suck shit at it. I don’t have a creative bone in my body when it comes to paint which is super disappointing

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I just wanted to give you my thoughts so far, haha.

    That is sad, you do such colourful makeup. Maybe that is where the creativity went. Some can do face paint, but not makeup. I never understood that either, but I can sketch but not paint, so maybe it is just one of those things sometimes.


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