The Very Merry Utterly Random Unchallenge – Series 5

The Very Merry Utterly Unchallenge - Series 5

So what is The Very Merry Utterly Random Unchallenge?

Well, you could read the The Very Merry Utterly Random Unchallenge Introduction Post HERE. Or I can just try to quickly babble on about it.

This is the Ultimate Unchallenge, the challenge that isn’t meant to be a challenge.

Series List:

The Very Merry Utterly Random Unchallenge – Series 1
The Very Merry Utterly Random Unchallenge – Series 2
The Very Merry Utterly Random Unchallenge – Series 3
The Very Merry Utterly Random Unchallenge – Series 4


There are none! I only suggest that if you do participate, and you feel like sharing whatever you create over the interwebs, please tag your post/photo/whathaveyou with #bdvunchallenge.

I obviously wont share inappropriate content with my community, sharing is at my discretion. I do myself enjoy the darker side of art and literature sometimes, as well as artistic nudity. When the time comes, I will figure out a way to share all mediums and themes, safely.

How to participate in The Very Merry Utterly Random Unchallenge:

Word Combinations

-use as song titles
-use as poem titles
-use as a character in a story
-use as a novel title
-create a game character based on the combination
-create an outfit look based on what the combination makes you think about


-create a painting
-create a bracelet
-make a quilt
-make a salad
-decorate a cake
-do your nails

Word Combinations and Palettes together

-create a scultpure
-make a fashion look
-redecorate your living room
-create a makeup look
-use for your Album Name and Cover Art Palette
-create a pinterest board

These are just random ideas. I will try to put new ones up with each Series I post. Honestly I think you can apply most things to this Unchallenge. Even getting a new motorcycle paintjob.

How to Use the Series Poster:

To use the Series Poster, you could use the groupings as you see them, from top down, left to right. You could pick a Word Combination from the Right, and pair it with a Palette from the Left(or vice versa) . You could close your eyes and wiggle your mouse around. It really doesn’t matter how you do it. Some things will call out to you more than others. Just pick what you want, however you want. This is simply meant to inspire.


Here is an example I did up quickly, just to show you how if could work.

You could make a Digital Pattern, that could be used in something you are working on over the net.

Paisley Pattern

You could even name the pattern with one of the challenge names, and share it with others.


Well there it is. I hope you find this fun and inspiring if you decide to participate. If you figure out it isn’t for you, that is fine. That is part why it was born.

‘Til Tomorrow

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