Lipart Roundup – Artist: Vlada Haggerty

Vlada Haggerty

Source: Smashbox Cosmetics

Vlada Haggerty is fairly well-known in the makeup industry. Until recently you might not have known her face, but you would have definitely seen her work. She did a smashbox collection called Petal Metal, which is where most people have recently come to know her from.

She is the Smashbox Cosmetics Lip Editor in Chief, and has been working with the company since 2017. She has been a makeup artist for much longer, and has had a huge following on Instagram for her makeup artistry for a while now.

Kylie Jenner actually used a photo of Vlada’s work as inspiration for her company logo, which she got a bit of heat over, as she didn’t originally credit Vlada.

So she has been around, even if you hadn’t noticed.

Today I will be showing you some of my favorite lipart pieces she has created. She is mostly known for being the Creator of the Suspended Liquid/Drippy Lip Look.

Here is Vlada, with her signature drippy lip.

This is the photo that really started her launch to fame, as this was the photo that Kylie Jenner eventually took inspiration from for her company logo. I love that it was really simple ingredients.

She even holds the world record for having created the most valuable Lipart ever created.

This is just crazy, I wonder how long it took to paint.

I love rainbow anything.

Rainbows and Drips!

Had to add this one into the list.

The detail and precise lines in this is nutty.

Who would have thought nail art would be good for lip art?

This is one of her older ones, but I love how simple yet striking it is.

So there are so many more that she has done, and she also does full face makeup looks as well, so maybe you should check out her instagram feed, if you like the art behind the makeup.


If you are interested, and want to see some more lipart, I have a Pinterest Board dedicated to the art.

Hope you enjoyed and give these artists some love!

‘Til Tomorrow

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P.S – This is a scheduled post. I am on vacation with the kids, way up north with no internet access. I will be gone from Saturday July 21st until Wednesday August 8th. I wont be able to respond to anything in that time, but I didn’t want to leave the blog blank, so I decided to make fun posts for my time away. I will get back to all of you when I get back home =) Enjoy the different content!


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