Blogs I like Reading – Beauty Blogs – Part 2

Here is another group of Beauty Blogs I like to read, when I make the time. I often learn all sorts of things on various Beauty Blogs, which helped me grow my own ability to post content.


Kippins Beauty Blog

Kippins Beauty Blog

This was the first blog I every read that I encountered Empties on. It catapulted my love of Empties posts, so I feel it deserves a spot on one of these lists. Sometimes it isn’t updated so frequently, but there is posts that will pop up out of the blue. I personally don’t mind that so much, and feel even blogs like this need support.

Bonds of Beauty Blog

Bonds of Beauty

This is a very interesting Beauty blog, that centers around Subscription Boxes, Product Reviews and Product Battles/Comparisons. The Author takes a scientific approach, and really breaks down the elements in each beauty product. I find it totally fascinating, and have learned a lot about the creation process certain of products, and their ingredients.

Taylers Edit Blog

Tayler’s Edit

I stumbles upon a series on this blog, called Sample Sundays, which I found interesting. The fact she always has such a source of samples mystified me at first. I am slowly growing my own pile of samples, and while I didn’t understand how she could always have so many at first, now I totally do! The Author inspired me to use up my own, as well as look for other blogs that partake in the posting of samples. There are also many Product Review posts as well as other Beauty related content.


I hope you find some new blogs to enjoy!

‘Til Tomorrow

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P.S – This is a scheduled post. I am on vacation with the kids, way up north with no internet access. I will be gone from Saturday July 21st until Wednesday August 8th. I wont be able to respond to anything in that time, but I didn’t want to leave the blog blank, so I decided to make fun posts for my time away. I will get back to all of you when I get back home =) Enjoy the different content!

5 thoughts on “Blogs I like Reading – Beauty Blogs – Part 2

  1. Aw thank you so much! I’m glad you like the Sample Sunday series so much. I literally just place WAY too many orders on Sephora and Ulta. I haven’t even made a dent in my samples. It’s such an honor to be featured- I like reading your blog too! ❤️😊

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