Just Nail It – Shyanne’s Birthday Manicure

Brokedown Vanity - JNI - Shyannes Bday Nails - Left

This week, my daughter wanted to share her Birthday Manicure with you all. She picked out about 6 different nail polishes and 3 different sticker packs. All the supplies came from Dollarama and were between $1-$3CAD.

So if you go into the section that has all the nail polish, sometimes you will find fake nails for kids. These have a sticky tack on the back of them, so you can just pop them on and off, without having to put anything harsh on your child. Often times they have something either super cheesy(Like the Emoji ones we got, had poops all over them), or they will have disney/cartoon characters on them.

What I do is I either strip them, or I just paint over top of them. Sometimes she likes what is on them, like the My Little Pony ones or Frozen. Those we just keep as is.


Brokedown Vanity - JNI - Shyannes Bday Nails - Right

Like with any full coverage fake nail, we just figure out her sizes, and then get to work. Because they don’t have to be on her to paint them, she normally does a set, and then I will do a set alongside her.

We also get her stickers there. Lately, I have seen some Kiss Nail kits there, but in the past, we have just bought actual stickers. They have some lazer cut, holographic backed stickers, that are super thin and small. We found some with hearts, flowers, candies and minions. You get like 100-300 stickers for a buck per pack, so it really is a good deal. The holographic backed ones are also super sticky and flat, and seem to stick really well to nail polish. Because they are so thin, a topcoat really does protect the nails well, so your stickers don’t snag and peel up.

The sticky tack on the backs of the nails is super strong, so we normally just use toothpicks to set the nails on(parallel), to paint.

She picked combos I would not have went for, but in the end she was super happy with her creations. Another great thing with us working in tandem, and making a set each, is she can swap out nails, and make them mixed all to her heart’s content.

I did the candy shop/minion themed ones, and she did the rest. She is getting better at the actual painting of her nails. We just got to work on her colour theory/glitter combinations, haha.

‘Til Tomorrow

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