Losing Weight – What Worked? – Intermittent Fasting and Exercise

This is a bit different of a post, than what I typically do, but I felt like sharing.

I was prepping my husbands meals for when the kids and I would be gone on vacation. I often prep for myself now, as I disliking cooking small meals just for one person In the past I would have foregone lunch, I just don’t like cooking for one.

Whenever I did make enough of the dinner meal, to save for my lunch sometime in the next week, I’d freeze it on up, but when I’d go to find it again, someone had already gotten into it.

I just couldn’t have nice things!

I do a lot of canning, as we half homestead for our produce and livestock. I say half homestead simply for the fact that we still get things like buns, coffee, kraft dinner, peanut butter, and other such comfort things. I also haven’t been successful with fruit harvest, so we still buy a lot of our fruits.

I got hooked on getting recipes for various things I could can, dry and freeze and found these cute oatmeal mason jar recipes. A lot of the ladies who made these recipes seemed to be into Food Prep and Intermittent Fasting. I have food prepped in the past, specifically just a month before each of my children due dates, so I would have extra food I wouldn’t have to worry about preparing, I’d just be able to pop things into the oven, crock pot or soup pot.

The Intermittent Fasting was something new, and the more I learned about it, the more it seemed to make sense to me personally.

I’ve always been one where I’d have to force myself to eat in the morning. I am often not hungry until about 10am. I’d drink soup on the way to school in the winters, out of a thermal cup,rather than eat anything more solid. I get motion sick, so buses sucked when you had a full stomach, which once I started driving, translated over to the car.

I was already only eating starting at ten am. I thought that I could easily adapt the rest of my eating into a certain time frame.

I was super bad for drinking and eating between 8pm and 12am. Which is bad when you are just going to go to bed within an hour or so.

So in March, just around the time I started swimming often again, I added intermittent fasting, meal prep and skipping a few times a week for 20 minutes.

My Scale

Source: Amazon.ca

I eat from 10am to 8pm, so I have 10 hours of food time. I fast from 8:01pm to 9:59am, so I fast for 14 hours. It isn’t what they normally suggest, normally they say you should fast for 16 hours. I also have cheat days, so Fridays and Saturdays, I sometimes have something other than water after 8pm, most often of the alcoholic nature, enjoyed with the man, or fire roasted marshmallows with the kids.

I prep a few lunches, and freeze them, and have them in special containers that say “Mom’s Food – Touch and Die”, harsh maybe, but it gets the point across. The days I don’t have lunches for, I make an epic fruit, veggies and cottage cheese shake. It has been fun experimenting with these.

I skip, like jump rope type skipping, 3 days a week for 20 minutes. I swim a minimum of 2.5 hours a week.

I haven’t cut the foods I liked, I really just eat them in my non fasting time, rather than cheesecake at 11pm.

I have lost 38 pounds since March. I stared at the scale, utterly shocked. I knew I was loosing weight. My pants keep sliding off and showing major crack. The number just freaked me out. I wasn’t expecting that.

My youngest child is 5 years old now, and I had managed to lose 75 pounds after he was born. I was happy to lose the weight, until I suddenly plateaued. I did do good, and wasn’t complaining. The thing was, I still weighed more than my husband, I carried it well on my six one frame, I just was uncomfortable weighing more than a man full of muscle. Also, people constantly bothering me, saying congratulations, due to my belly bump, which made me look 4 or 5 months pregnant, was annoying.

I learned to just deal, because the gym and jogging wasn’t working, I was no longer losing the weight.

So just switching up my types of working out, and adding a whole meal a day(as I was only eating 2 meals a day before I started fasting), really helped me out. I never thought I’d get back to the weight I was before my first child, I am still utterly shocked.

I’ve been happier too, so maybe it has impacted my mood. Part of that will be the blog too. I think finding an exercise that I could do with the kids along was a great thing too, they really make me work in that pool, and I don’t have to worry and stress about timelines, trying to rush home to get back to them. Running in water really burns calories!

Skippinh seems like a silly thing to do, to lose weight, but it is something they always had us do in the military, and I still had my ropes from then, so I thought what the hey. It is a really fun way to exercise for a wee bit, just put on some songs and skip. I use to do some all star jumprope in elementry shcool, so relearning all the tricks they use to have us do on tour, as an adult, is something I would never want anyone to see. It does make it even more fun though, haha.

I wanted to share all this, because maybe it’ll help one of you guys out too.

Here is a link to get you started:

Intermittent Fasting Guide

Til Tomorrow

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