Free Mail Sample – Review – Garnier – Whole Blends Gentle Shampoo & Conditioner

*** The product reviewed in this post was given to me for free, by mail, by the company itself. I have no affiliation with this company, nor am I getting paid to do this post, and my review is my honest opinion on the product. ***

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When I lived in the big city, I use to love getting my mail, as often times we would get some sort of free magazine, free coupons or free samples. Now that I live in out in the middle of nowhere, samples aren’t really a thing. I don’t even get grocery fliers where I live, haha. My husband sometimes get things about tractors, tires and chainsaws. We also get subway coupons from time to time.

So consider me surprised when I received this little sample in the mailbox one afternoon.

I am an avid fan of Garnier, and have used their products for many years. I have only had a few times where something wasn’t to my satisfaction. I normally consider it a safe line for me and my allergies, sensitivities, dry skin and eczema.

Brokedown Vanity - Free Mail Sample - Garnier - 2

The samples came in this little booklet, one sample of each(shampoo and conditioner), of the new Garnier Whole Blends Oat Delicacy Gentle Hair care products. Each sample is 10ml. The Booklet also comes with a coupon, so if you like the product, you can get a discount on the first purchase, which is always nice.

So if you live in canada, maybe one is coming your way too. They could have already gone out to all the major cities already, so maybe I’m just late to the party *shrugs*.

Feel free to check the Garnier Canada main website HERE, they have a newsletter you can sign up for. You can learn about new products, while also getting the chance of coupons and samples apparently too.

Product Claims:

-gently soothes dry scalp
-moisturizes even the most fragile hair
-softens hair

Other Info:

-made with natural extracts
-paraben free

Brokedown Vanity - Free Mail Sample - Garnier - 3

Since the start of March, I have been going swimming 2-3 times a week. Add to that the fact I have recently dyed my hair, my hair is in some extra need of care. I thought using this as an after swim shampoo and conditioner would be the perfect way to test it.

Let’s see how this goes!


Swam for 30 minutes today. Used the sample after, and drove home. Once dry, I noticed how soft my hair was. Couldn’t stop touching it.


Swam for 50 minutes today(was with the kids too). Had to be quick with the shower, but still enjoyed the light scent of the product, even while rushed.


Swam for 45 minutes today(again with the kids). Same thing, had to rush, ’cause of the wee ones. I am beginning to think this would be a good product to start to use on my daughter, now that she is older and doesn’t need a tearless shampoo.


Swam for 30 minutes today. Used up the last of the sample. Hair still feeling wonderfully soft after air drying.

Final Thoughts

Scent – I really like the smell, it is light, but you can still smell it. Didn’t trigger my allergies.

Reactions – I didn’t react in any way to this product. My scalp isn’t itchy at all. I haven’t only been using just this, but normally my skin reacts fairly quickly when it doesn’t like something, even on my head.

Moisturized Hair – Couldn’t really tell, it really isn’t enough time to test, and not with other products being used as well. It didn’t make my hair worse though.

Softens Hair – It totally does this. My hair is always so dry and crappy after swimming, and my hair felt amazing. It was really nice, I was super surprised. I would get it for this alone. I have honestly never had my hair this soft, and I’d get it for this reason alone. It is perfect if you swim a lot, chlorine is so bad for making hair dried out.

Would I purchase this Product?

Yes, I definitely think I will. I think it is exactly what I need for my swimming shower routine. I also plan splitting the bottles with my daughter, as she will benefit from the gentleness of this product.

This product sells at many different places in Canada, I’ve seen it in No Frills, Shoppers Drug Mart, the Real Canadian Superstore, Food Basics and Walmart, just to name a few.

*** Update – April 20th 2018 – I have purchased these now, using my coupon, at Shoppers Drug Mart, for $4.99CAD each(then the $3CAD off). Such a great deal. I have patch tested all the kids, and they are okay with it. Used it on my daughters hair, and she was so intrigued that she could brush her hair with no tangles happening. She loved the smell and kept commenting that her hair was so soft. ***

Have you tried any of this line? What is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

‘Til Tomorrow


*** The product reviewed in this post was given to me for free, by mail, by the company itself. I have no affiliation with this company, nor am I getting paid to do this post, and my review is my honest opinion on the product. ***


11 thoughts on “Free Mail Sample – Review – Garnier – Whole Blends Gentle Shampoo & Conditioner

    1. I was super surprised to even get it. I went to uni in london, then moved to toronto, and both locations always got a tonne of mail samples. I use to get a lot of gum and toothpaste, sometimes laundry stuff, but it was free, so no complaints.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That makes sense. I delivered papers too, but I never got samples to send out. Lots of coupon things though, which was fun too. I use to have the best and cleanest Taco Bell near me, so I would hoard the extra coupons and my friends and I would go for lunch and end up so full. I think I was like 12 years old then.


      2. haha memories like that are the best, I remember occasionally walking to a pizza place at lunch and it felt SO scandalous and bad and grown up. The joys you just don’t get to experience as an adult!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ya, I remember when we hit grade seven, we were allowed to leave for lunch, they considered us old enough. The Taco Bell was only a ten minute walk, and our one friend had a house half way between, so we would grab the food and go eat in his back yard.

        It did feel somewhat liberating and grownup. It was some good practice for highschool.

        Liked by 1 person

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