Different ways to Use a Magazine Perfume Sample

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I recently was caught stuffing an already used perfume sample from a magazine, into a shoebox. My eldest had a confused look, and was all like “Mom, why are you shoving magazine pages into Sissy’s shoes?”, Sissy being his sister. He obviously only caught the tail end of what I was doing, but it did make me realize by teaching him, it might be an opportunity to teach you as well.

So here is my list of uses for new and used Perfume Samples that you receive in your Magazine Subscriptions.

  1. – You could wear them, it’s just a thought.
  2. – You can put them into shoe boxes of shoes you might not wear often
  3. – You can put them into your tubs where you store decorations or art supplies
  4. – You can throw them into your hatboxes, I store scarves mine
  5. – You can put them in your undergarments drawer
  6. – You can put them in with your scrapbook paper supplies
  7. – You can stick them into box of envelopes
  8. – You can put them in the back of your coat closet
  9. – You can put them in the bottoms of your vanity drawers(I put mine under trays)
  10. – You can put them in between blankets that are being stores for the summer
  11. – You can put them in your stored camping tent, so it doesn’t smell like earwigs
  12. – You can put them in a sunny window of your vehicle

These are all things I have personally done before. I know there are more things you could do, but I try to mostly put these things in places where only I can enjoy them. Not to be greedy or anything, but say for example, you put it in with the paper you write to your penpals with, they might just be allergic to perfumes, and then no es bueno(It is not good). I have done that in the past. As for the envelopes, the scent dissipates as it goes through the mailing process, so it wont stink on arrival. You are basically doing that one for your own amusement, haha.

The samples also do really well in heat, it makes them smell more. That is why they are lovely in the tents and the vehicle.

Hope you learn something about a rather random thing that you probably never much thought about!

‘Til Tomorrow


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