Crafting Haul – Goodwill Jewelry Bag #1

Brokedown Vanity - Crafting Haul - Goodwill - 1a

I have something a bit different for you today, for our extra post this morning. I like getting broken jewelry bags from various thrift shops, and I stumbled upon a Goodwill that always seems to have a huge amount of these “costume” jewelry bags.

Often times it will have really old, busted necklaces, brooches with stones missing, single earrings. Stuff like that.

Why would I even want any of this stuff? Well for many years I have done jewelry repair for my whole family(as well as friends), and sometimes things can’t be remade the way they were. Pieces might be missing and lost, so I would just make something new out of what was left.¬†Sometimes I would even be given things because it was no longer wanted, and they figured I’d know what to do with them.

I would often times end up with extra bits and bobs left over. So naturally I would make something out of all the random, and then they would be like, “where did you get that?” . . . “Oh, you remember that red necklace you didn’t like, this is it now!”.

I became obsessed with turning the old into new, and started to go out and find some more things I could play with. Brooches are my favorite to work on, but they can be hard sometimes, to find.

Brokedown Vanity - Crafting Haul - Goodwill - 1b

So this is the mess that was in the bag, now time to untangle.

Brokedown Vanity - Crafting Haul - Goodwill - 1c

Mardi Gras Beads, there always ends up being a bunch of these. I will be showing you what you can do to reuse these soon, as I have something really cute and easy to do, and it will fit with the upcoming season.

These are fused right on the string, so you can’t reuse the beads on different thread.

Brokedown Vanity - Crafting Haul - Goodwill - 1d

Sometimes I leave things as is, and see if anyone wants them, and sometimes I just tear them apart. Anything with stretch cord I normally try to repair, like this wooden flower bracelet. You can tell the cord is going as it will turn yellow, and there will be little strings fraying everywhere.

Brokedown Vanity - Crafting Haul - Goodwill - 1e

Earrings! Some have pairs, but I am allergic to most metals, and since I can’t be sure what some of these are, I can’t wear them. Most of this will turn into charms, or be remade as pendants. Studs I use as embellishments on things.

Brokedown Vanity - Crafting Haul - Goodwill - 1f

A broken necklace, new beads, some wire wrapped pieces. All good parts for other projects.

Brokedown Vanity - Crafting Haul - Goodwill - 1g

A bunch of Fashion Jewelry that needed minor repairs.

Brokedown Vanity - Crafting Haul - Goodwill - 1h

Some Chains and Bangles. They just needed a good cleaning.

I figure, when I finally make something out of some of these pieces, I will do an update, so you can see what I have done.

‘Til Later

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