Jewelry Tinkering – Polymer Clay Cabochons


One looks like it has a peacock feather, another looks like oldschool batman running, and I see flowers and bugs in the others.

As I start to work with Polymer Clay more, I have realized that no matter the project, you always are left with bits and pieces of leftover clay, that are mixed, or have glitter, and you wonder, what am I ever going to do with all this little stuff.

I stumbled upon a wonderfully talented Clay Artist on Youtube. Here are the Links to check her out:


She makes all sorts of things out of her scraps, and she is a very generous teacher, and lets others know about how she goes about it. One of my favorite is the Natasha Cabochons she makes.

Here is the video on how to make them:

I am going to do my final steps a bit different. I am planning on wire wrapping some and netting some others.

I also haven’t figured out my glazing situation yet, as all 3 of the ones I have purchased so far seem to yellow rather quickly, or seem tacky to the touch if even the slightest bit of water gets on them. I will have to figure that issue out, somehow.

‘Til Later,

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4 thoughts on “Jewelry Tinkering – Polymer Clay Cabochons

    1. Polymer Clay isn’t like air dry or heat hardened clay. It retains a certain level of elasticity. Actual resin can work, because of the way it fuses, it actually causes the polymer clay to not bend. Nail Polish sadly would just crack off. I have seen some people use UV Nail Polish on Polymer clay that is more firm, like Sculpey Primo. Not enough people doing it to make a solid opinion on that method though.

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