Blogs I like Reading – Crafty Blogs – Part 1

Here is another round of blogs I enjoy. This time I am sharing some of the Crafty Blogs I enjoy.

I like these all for different reasons, and I wouldn’t say I like any single blog on here more than another.


RebaLeigh Handmade BlogRebaLeigh Handmade Blog

RebaLeigh Handmade

For many years now, I have had an interest in Quilting. I personally would rather learn the hand stitched way they use to do things, but it seems many people have converted to doing quilts on their machines. Not that this is a bad thing., I can understand that it really would save time.

Since they two are a slightly different style of the same thing, I have been learning how one would quilt on a machine.

Rebecca has a lot of tips on her blog, for various little troubles that might pop up when attempting quilting on your machine. There have been more than a few things I had never though about, and even if I don’t ever pick this up as something I do personally, I can apply these tips to other sewing type projects.

She makes a lot of patterns, which you can purchase, which is nice.

Knitty Natty at Home Blog

Knitty Natty at Home Blog

I love to knit and crochet. In recent years I do more crochet than knitting, but I use to make socks, mitts, slippers and hats all the time. Those 4 items were the first things my Grandmother ever taught me, so they were the patterns I knew by heart.

I like this blog because of all the socks. I have never seen so many different patters, mostly because I had never bothered to look. I find it amusing that a new one is on the go every month. I also have found a love of making shawls, and it is nifty to see what other people are making.

I also have always bought acrylic wool, because that is what is available to me when buying in person, but this blog has encouraged me to try to find other types of wool to work with. I love colourful things, so seeing the one-of-a-kind dyed wool in fun.

You can find patterns on here as well, which is always something I appreciate.

Dizzy Quilter Blog

Dizzy Quilter

This was the first of the crafty blogs I followed here on wordpress. I have an interest in Quilting, as I stated above. It was something I had always wanted to try, but I just haven’t really stepped my feet into it yet.

I often read about a certain craft, and learn about it, before I ever actually step my feet into it. Sometimes I never do get that far, but it does help me appreciate other people’s artwork, and the time spent on their creations.

I find that Jennifer uses a lot of colours, and is always trying different things, which I really enjoy. It is one of the reasons I keep going back to her blog.


I hope you find some new blogs to enjoy!

‘Til Tomorrow

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