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*** The product reviewed in this post was given to me for free, by TopBox, on behalf of L’Oreal. I am not getting paid to do this post, nor am I obligated to post my opinions on my blog or social media, and my review is my honest opinion on the product. ***

L'Oreal Stylista Curl Defining Spray

This was the first item I qualified for, offered by Topbox on behalf of L’Oreal.


TopBox is a company that does Sampling, Product Testing and Subscription Boxes, on behalf of a wide range of companies and products.

I am a part of their testing panel, and have enjoyed the experience so far.

They send me surveys, and if I match up with what the brand is looking for, then I can accept the “Mission”. Each Mission is a little different. TopBox will send you the item to test, most times it is something not yet on the shelves, but will be launching soon. Other times it is an established item that has been updated in some way.

We get a period of time to test the time, which is usually 15 to 30 days, depending on the type of product.

The Missions have key things we have to do, things like take a picture of the product, follow their account on instagram, write a review on the company site, or a retailer site(like Walmart). You must complete all the tasks in a Mission to keep in good standing for future Missions.


Item – L’Oreal – Stylista Defining Spray for Curls

Size – 200ml

Acquired Through – TopBox – a company that matches different brands to select members, for testing of new or improved products,  in exchange for honest reviews.

Product Claims:

  • Natural Bounce
  • 24h frizz-control
  • goji extract
  • Alcohol-free

Other Info:

Enhance your curly hairstyles with long-lasting shape, flawless bounce, and shimmering high shine when you use Stylista#Curls Defining Spray from L’Oreal Paris. The alcohol-free, non-crunchy formula is perfect for all curly hairstyles, including wavy loose curls and bouncy tight curls, awakening natural curls with humidity-resistant body and volume. The energizing hair spray with goji extract hydrates and enhances curls for easy hairstyles at home or on the go.


Aqua / Water • Propylene Glycol • Decyl Glucoside • Cocamidopropyl Betaine • Lycium Barbarum Fruit Extract • Tocopherol • Lactic Acid • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate • Sodium Chloride • Sodium Benzoate • Phenoxyethanol • Peg-40/Ppg-8 Methylaminopropyl/ Hydroxypropyl Dimethicone Copolymer • Ethylhexylglycerin • Trideceth-9 Pg-Amodimethicone • Triethanolamine • Aminomethyl Propanol • Trideceth-12 • Polyacrylate-3 • Polyurethane-34 • Polysorbate 20 • Polysorbate 80 • Limonene • Benzyl Salicylate • Benzyl Alcohol • Dipropylene Glycol • Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone • Acrylates Copolymer • Geraniol • Potassium Sorbate • Coumarin • Hexyl Cinnamal • Glycerin • Parfum / Fragrance.

Brokedown Vanity - TopBox Mission 1 - Opened

Not sure why, but I really loved the box this came in. It opened up really funky.

Final Thoughts:

I will just include the review I posted to TopBox it has just about everything I want to say.

My Official TopBox Review Writeup

I have been using the L’Oreal Stylista Defining Spray for about a month now and can say this product really does help me out. I have curls that don’t like to form complete ringlets, but sort of go every which way all haphazardly. It can cause they to split really weird, especially while sleeping. When I wake up, I seriously have a fuzzball on my head.

I just dampen my hair a wee bit, brush it out, and then spray this in and scrunch it really well. It smooths out the mess, locks my curls back together and gives it a radiant shine.

It has a really light scent too, which I like. Smells very natural, not an overpowering chemical scent at all. It also doesn’t irritate my scalp.

The mist applicator is really great too, it doesn’t shoot out all over the place, so you can control where it goes easily. It also doesn’t spray a tonne of product too quickly, which makes it easier to control certain trouble spots.

I can attest to the fact it does last a good 24hours. You hair also stays feeling like you natural hair, and not gunked up feeling, when you or someone else touches it.

I would totally recommend this if you have troublesome curls that need a bit of taming.

Would I Purchase?

Yes, I really have been enjoying this products, and it worked great when we were at the beach. I use this after swimming sometimes too. I find it leaves less residue that other products of a similar sort, even my Marc Anthony Defining Spray. This smells really good too.

Thanks to TopBox for pairing me up with L’Oreal, it was a really nice product to try, and I had a great experience trying it out.

‘Til Later

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*** The product reviewed in this post was given to me for free, by TopBox, on behalf of L’Oreal. I am not getting paid to do this post, nor am I obligated to post my opinions on my blog or social media, and my review is my honest opinion on the product. ***

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