Beauty Product Favorites – September 2018

Brokedown Vanity - Beauty Favorites of September 2018 - 1

There were a good number of products that I used again and again, some of them surprised even me! I really didn’t think I had played with so much, I thought this would be a smaller post, but I surprised myself.

Brokedown Vanity - Beauty Favorites of September 2018 - 2

e.l.f. – Slant Tweezers

I got these at the Dollar Tree, because mine always seem to go missing in the downstairs bathroom. I had to hide my good ones away in fear. So this was supposed to be for that bathroom, but it ended up turning into a traveling purse pair. I’ve used these so much, from tree splinters, pieces of metal stuck in an arm, wasp stingers, ingrown hair, and other such ailments my family has needed help with. They have been super handy, and I have them in a small case with some anti-bacterial wipes and bandaids. The slant is just perfect, and really lets you get in there and get all those little things that need plucking.

Farah Brushes – Z-Tweeze Dual Ended Tweezers

These were gifted to me, and I have been using them for Nail Art mostly. I love the super pointy end for small details, and have been using the other end to lift small stickers so I don’t crush the edges with my finger nails. These are very comfortable in my hand

Brokedown Vanity - Beauty Favorites of September 2018 - 3

The Body Shop – Vanilla Eau de Toilette

I’ve been enjoying this very much, and noticed that I was wearing it a lot in September. My kids and Husband like this one the most right now too. It makes me wonder why I left it so long to pick up another one. Most people seem to be able to handle this one too. My sister is very sensitive like me, and this is something she can stand to wear and enjoy as well. It legit just smells like vanilla, and doesn’t have OMG Synthetic! smell to it.

Brokedown Vanity - Beauty Favorites of September 2018 - 4

benefit Cosmetics – Precisely, My Brow Pencil in #3

At some point on the blog, this will appear as a legit post, as Benefit was ever so kind to send it along for me to try out and review.

I wont go into too much details, but I really enjoyed this product. It was easy to use, achieved great results in little time, and you could have a natural eyebrow or a more defined one with the same product. They added more colour options, so it was easy to find something to work for me. My son actually even helped with that process, so if an 11 year old can figure it out perfectly, the system works.

Wet n Wild – PerfectPout Gel Lip Liner in 661D Lay Down the Mauves

I have this coming out in an actually review post this month, so I’ll keep this short. This is a dream product to use. Lines you lips so nicely, you don’t get jabbed. Lasts well, and easy to clean or reapply. Blends nicely with many lipsticks and glosses. Can be work on its own with some lip balm for a more natural look. I will be getting more of these when I see them on sale again.

Brokedown Vanity - Beauty Favorites of September 2018 - 5

Wet n Wild Limited Edition Eyeshadow Quad in 36241 Flock Party

This is a very simmery/glittery quad, but it was limited edition. It took me a while to actually crack into it, but I was glad I did. Wet n Wild really has improved since I was a teen, and I have been enjoying rediscovering their line. These have such great colour payoff, and apply easily. There can be a little fallout. I found the crease colour and the eyelid colour to be the ones that did it the most. I like that you don’t need a whole lot of product to get a great look, and you can blend it all very quickly. I just wish it was easier to find these special ones, physically, in Canada.

Kat Von D – Shade + Light Blush Duo in Mickey + Mallory

I picked this up at Marshalls, the first(and so far only)time I ever shopped there. I have been wanting to try some more Kat Von D products, so when I saw this, I thought I’d try it out. I don’t have a whole heck of a lot of blushes, so I thought it would be a good fit for me. This is a really thin formula that blends really easily. A little bit goes a long way. I learned quickly that I like to use each side separately, and not swirl them together. The colour shifts on my skin, becoming brighter of all things. By using the shades one at a time, I can get a more muted look.

Brokedown Vanity - Beauty Favorites of September 2018 - 6

Mariposa – Metallic Lip Gloss in Various Colours

This might be the star of the post! I had a few of these for a while now, but recently really started to play with them and fell in love. I ended up buying more colours too, when I saw some in stock. I got these at the Dollar Tree, for $1.25CAD, but these work like a High End product. I am super surprised. The quality is really good, and I honestly can’t say that for most of the things I have tried from the Mariposa line. Most of the time they are just okay. These are FABULOUS! I’ve created so many interesting looks mixing these with tube lipsticks, and my daughter has already claimed the purple(not shown here) for her halloween costume.

The Body Shop – Metal Lip Liquid in Rose Gold

I hadn’t tried any of the makeup line from The Body Shop, so when they had some things on sale, I decided to pick up some things for science. I actually really liked this when I swatches it instore, but figured it would need more testing. I wore it a good number of times now, and can say that it is a decent product. It smells faintly of pineapples, which is interesting. The colour is really pretty. It feels sort of weird on your lips, not crusty, but you can feel the little bits of glitter. This is not smudge proof, so one wrong move, and it is all over your face, and sparkles everywhere! I’ve taken to using it with a quick dry liquid lipstick as a base, so it helps lock this in. It makes it way more budgeproof. I’ve gotten so many compliments when wearing this out. I normally don’t wear colours this pale, but it is growing on me, it is really nice to look at. Someone had said it was classy, haha, glitter and all.

Nars – Satin Lipstick in Orgasm

I’ve already talked about this product in my Lips of the Week #4 – Sephora Special Post.

This lipstick is beautiful. It performs like any classic tube lipstick does, but feels great on the lips, so I don’t mind reapplying. It does not dry my lips out in the least.. I really feel like it transforms the look of my natural lip colour, when applied very sheer. I found myself using it as a topper many a times last month, and The Man even noticed it and commented on it, and he just doesn’t really care about that stuff, typically.




That is what I’ve been enjoying last month, what will this month have in store?

I hope you found this useful, in some sort of fashion.

‘Til Tomorrow

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***Disclaimer – I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned on this blog. I just started to blog, so who would sponsor me, seriously. All items featured were purchased with my own money, gained by some other means, like awesome gifts from peoples, trades, or perhaps even a promotion of some sort.***


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