Being Thankful – Canadian Thanksgiving, Over 200 Posts and Over 200 Followers!

Brokedown Vanity - Being Thankful

Kids make the darndest things! It is so cute and fat though.

So today is Canadian Thanksgiving, and while I will be adventuring off with the family, I thought I’d do a quick post on the things I am thankful to you all for.

I just recently hit 200 posts, and shortly after I gained 200 readers for the blog. I didn’t really set myself goals as a whole for the blog. Originally it was a 3 month experiment and I liked it so much, I decided to stick with it.

I unrealistically thought I’d have way more readers by the 1/2 year mark. I have been on social media way less, so that would be a part of it. I decided I would rather get my readers organically, than spend so many hours on the various social platforms, just to get a handful a week. It doesn’t seem like a good use of time at this point in my blog. I can use that time for other things blog related and be happier about it.

What I have found is that there is a great community here, and I am happy with the 200 that I do have. Many of you are rather active, and I like the chats we sometimes have on the blog, or though emails. I am rather surprised with how many private communications I get though the contact page. I understand people sometimes like to be more private, so I don’t mind it at all. I just wasn’t expecting people to actually use it, haha.

I just wanted to say thank-you for following, reading, and communicating with me about this new endeavor in my life. I really do enjoy the blog, and like how it has evolved so far. It has changed how I look at things in the outside world, and how I handle time and the things I love to do. I like having this platform that I can share whatever I want on, about subjects I actually want to talk about.

Thanks for your visits here, each one is appreciated.

For my fellow Canadians, I hope you and yours are having a great holiday, and to the others around the world, when you day of thanks comes around, I hope it is an enjoyable one!

‘Til Tomorrow,

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