Tuesday’s Honest Reviews – Luxie – Brush 249

Brokedown Vanity - Review - Luxie - Brush 249

For our Post today, it will be a review on the Luxie Beauty – Blending and Shading Eye Brush 249.

Someday, maybe, I’ll introduce you to my wonderful Bestie(and maybe my sister too), who constantly spoils me. She is really good to me, and has been totally supportive of my blog endeavors. While I might have fallen off of the beauty train for many years, she was still riding it along, going full tilt. She had a subscription to Ipsy, so when she heard that my makeup brushes all died in my Little Lost Vanity, she was there to hand me a few she wasn’t using. This Luxie brush was one of those, and I have been using it since the end of March now.

Item – Luxie Beauty – Blending and Shading Eye Brush 249

Cost – Unknown – This is an Ipsy Exclusive Brush, and while you can purchase this, you have to be a Ipsy Member to see the pricing on it, and I unfortunately am not. I did do a little research and apparently it is highly discounted to its members, and an exclusive, so you wont e able to find anything like this brush on the official Luxie Site. Prices for single brushes on the Luxie site range anywhere from $15 to $50+.

Purchase Location – Ipsy Subscription – $20CAD a month(after conversion and taxes)

Item Facts

  • super soft, synthetic bristles
  • Cruelty Free
  • creates ones brush eye looks

Other Info

Get a Sultry, Smoky Eye With Just One Brush (Really!)

1. If you have oily lids, start by applying a shadow primer all over with your fingertip.

2. Using the tapered end, sweep a light neutral shade across your entire lid, up to your brow bone.

3. With the same end, apply a medium shade up to your crease, using a windshield-wiper motion.

4. Using the fluffy end, apply a dark shade to the outer corners of your eyes, blending up and inwards in a swirling motion to diffuse the look, making sure there are no streaks or harsh lines left.

My Thoughts

I have been using this brush for a good number of months now, and have to say, it is one of my favorites. It really does make your time in front of the mirror decrease, as you can get a really lovely look with just this brush. It does Smoky Eye Looks really well, as well as soft blends. It was perfect for spring looks, when I wanted a light, blown out splash of colour.

Cleaning the bristles is rather easy, much like most brushes. I haven’t had many hairs shed, and it has retained its shape. It is a bit hard to dry, as you can’t really tip it and keep the water out of the ferrule.

I had debated on Tipping one side, then flipping it, but then opted not to. What I do to dry it is this; I roll up 2 very small wash cloths(in this case I actually use baby wash cloths) and then set the brush on top of both. The bristles shouldn’t be touching the cloths. I then just rotate the brush every 5 minutes, while I am cleaning the rest of my brushes(I do the double ended one first). By the time I am done, the brush is normally fairly aired out, so I just leave it by at that point.

I have had no rusting, paint pealing, or loosening of the ferrule so far, so it seems to be working out fine. It might be a more high maintenance brush(only slightly so) but it is worth it, for how much time it saves.

I store it laying flat, in a rectangular plastic case I got at Dollar Tree. I put it in a plastic snack sized zip-lock bag for travel.


Yes, if I broke this, or wanted to get it for someone as a gift, I would consider getting an Ipsy Subscription. I would just get a one month one, and then have the access to get this. It really is worth all that hassle to me, as it is an amazing brush. I was really lucky to have this gifted to me.

If any of you currently have an Ipsy, and received this, but maybe just haven’t played with it yet, dig it out, it really is great to play with. If you like super precise lines though, this isn’t the one for you, this brush is all about the blending.

‘Til Tomorrow

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***Disclaimer – I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned on this blog. I just started to blog, so who would sponsor me, seriously. All items featured were purchased with my own money, gained by some other means, like awesome gifts from peoples, trades, or perhaps even a promotion of some sort.***


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