Lips of the Week #4 – Sephora Special

Brokedown Vanity - LOTW - Sephora Favorites - Box Closed

I was lucky enough to be given this Sephora Favorites Give me some Lip Nude Kit as a late birthday present. I was in a No-Buy when this went on sale(1/2 price from $34), and seriously thought I would miss it. I love the little boxes these came in, they make it so easy for me to cart around.

Brokedown Vanity - LOTW - Sephora Favorites - Box Open

I’m always amused at how much they manage to fit in these little packages. I sometimes swap things and just bring the whole box along with me for travel.

Brokedown Vanity - LOTW - Sephora Favorites - Lineup

Left to Right – Smashbox, tarte, Hourglass, Urban Decay, Nars, Buxom

Products I chose:

Monday – Smashbox – Be Legendary Liquid Pigment in Mauve Wife

My first Smashbox item to try out and I wasn’t really left with a great impression. It is very wet and transfers easily. Wears more like a gloss than a lipstick, you will have to reapply after eating and drinking, sometimes even just talking. It does sort of tint your lips as it wears, which is nice. The product didn’t swatch well, but works great on the lips. It fills in the lines of my lips, which I like. It has a beautiful rich colour. The applicator is a bit weird.

I look forward to trying something else from Smashbox that might suit me better.

Tuesday – tarte – Tartist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in Exposed

This one dries down really matte, and it dries rather fast. I was really surprised by this, but liked it very much. The formula is super wet, like I mean it, can be a bit hard to get on due to that. It actually surprised me it get so dry and matte so fast. It feels nice on the lips too, both during applying and after it has dried. It also wears great, as it stays on a long time, especially though eating. The colour is great, and even though I dislike matte products, I made it work for me.

Wednesday – Hourglass – Girl Lip Stylo in Futurist and Urban Decay – Vice Special Effects Topcoat in Fever

I wore the Hourglass one for a bit on its own, just to give it a good go. I love these sort of products, the lip products that are crayon/sticks/pencils. Not sure why, but I do.

The product is really easy to apply, and as long as you keep turning it a bit with each use, you will keep it rather pointy. This one does move around on your lips lots, but it is easy to clean and reapply. It has a very nice feel on the lips, and is very moisturizing. Has the slightest shimmer, which I really like. The colour just makes your natural lip colour look better, as it wears down.

I love this topcoat, it is so pretty, thought it was gloss. It dries down matte, but doesn’t look matte, you can touch it and it wont move. You don’t end up with glitter all over your face either, as it really doesn’t move. I like it better over another formula that dries matte, doesn’t work so well with anything with lots of moisture. It changes colour depending on the angle you are at, but the base colour suits many lipsticks, it really did help the hourglass product stay on longer. I want more of these!

Thursday – Nars – Lipstick in Orgasm

This was the surprise product, I wasn’t expecting much, honestly. This is super beautiful on its own, but really vamps up other lipsticks. It is a traditional tube lipstick, but does a good job at staying on. It fades slowly and evenly, easy to reapply and touchup. The micro glitter doesn’t travel all over your face, even after eating.

Friday – Buxom -Full-on Lip Polish in Sugar

This one smells super good! The colour is lighter on, than in the package. I would go instore to swatch these, rather than risk purchasing online. It has a tacky residue to the lips once applied, not uncomfortable per say feeling, just thick and you know it is there, sort of thing. This formula has great staying power for a lipgloss.

Brokedown Vanity - LOTW - Sephora Favorites - Swatches

Left is with Daylight, Right is with Camera Flash – Smashbox, tarte, Hourglass, Urban Decay, Nars, Buxom

This kit was a great one! The Smashbox one was really the only one that left me disappointed. For nudes, which I don’t normally wear a lot of, I was really surprised to find so many that I liked.

The Winner of this round would be the Urban Decay Vice Special Effects Topcoat. I’ve never used a product like this before, and it was fascinating. It has just great lasting power for the amount of glitter in it. I was most surprised by that. It dries down so well too. I’ve seen these in Winners and plan on getting some, as Sephora no longer carries the whole lineup of colours. I do really like Circuit, which the still carry.

My other top favs was the Nars and tarte. I detest pink as a colour, but it does suit my colouring, so when I do feel like picking it up, normally it is a colour that has gold shimmer in it, which is exactly what this Nars product delivered. I would like to try some of their berry satin colours. As for tarte, while I really don’t like matte anything on my lips, I believe these would be great products for me to use as bases for my lipart projects. It would be so easy to stack these, and they wont smudge and mix. Then you could put whatever you wanted to on top.


If you are interested in getting this Sephora Favorites Kit, they sadly all sold out in June. But they still have other version of the kits, they just don’t have the cute lippy box.

Brokedown Vanity - LOTW - Sephora Favorites - Site 1

Sephora Favorites – Give me some Nude Lip Kit

Brokedown Vanity - LOTW - Sephora Favorites - Site 2

Sephora Favorites – Give me More Lip Kit

Both of these are a great deal, and they seem to have 3-4 of these sorts of things come out at different points of the year. Keep a look out, because if these aren’t your thing, maybe the next version will be!

‘Til Tomorrow

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***Disclaimer – I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned on this blog. I just started to blog, so who would sponsor me, seriously. All items featured were purchased with my own money, gained by some other means, like awesome gifts from peoples, trades, or perhaps even a promotion of some sort.***

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