Edibles Review – Mochi – Mango Jelly

Brokedown Vanity - Edibles Review - Mochi - Mango Jelly

For our Bonus Post today, it will be a review on Mochi Museum Mango Jelly.

I have a sweet tooth, if you hadn’t already figured out from this morning feature I do on Tuesdays. I love Jellies, and can’t totally recall exactly when I came upon them in life. I do know in my adult years I was obsessed with finding chocolatiers and candy makers that made jellies, as it isn’t something that is traditionally created here in Canada. The Western version is good, it is hard to explain but it is normally a more juicy version of say a gummy candy, that is often coated in either a hard crust, or some sort of sugar granules. The Eastern version is more like a fruity jello. If you want something to compare it to, Turkish Delight is somewhere between the two, in consistency, flavour and presentation.

Item – Mochi Museum – Mango Jelly

Cost – Birthday Gift

Purchase Location – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in the Asian Market

Item Facts

Couldn’t really find anything that I could translate understandably. There is a huge History on Mochi and the Mochi Museum, where typically you can get these(they are imported in as well). Fruit Jelly and Jelly Candies are common over in the asian countries, and often they are made from better ingredients than anything we can get made locally.

Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

Vanity - Edibles Review - Mochi - Mango Jelly - Info

My Thoughts

These were wonderful! I got them as a gift on my Brithday, from My Bestie(Yes, she really does spoil me, best bestie ever!). She had been in Alberta, visiting someone in Edmonton, and they were to the Asian area. She found it in there somewhere.

I have never had actual legit fruit jellies before, so this was a wonderful experience for me. These were individually contained in very cute wrappers. They were larger than I would expect. More like something you would have for dessert than something as a treat. They were very flavourful, and very juicy. They jiggled delightfully on my plate(although I just straight up ate the first one whole right out of the little package). Better eaten with a fork, over a spoon.

They do have many natural ingredients in them, so they will go bad more quickly than the western versions. I knew I wasn’t going to eat them all right quick, so I stuck them in the freezer. I have done this for years with all my Jellies, and they have always come out fine, and these were no different.


Yes, I would. I am not totally sure where I would find them closer to me, maybe in Toronto. I have kept the package, so I will so take that with me to the market and maybe someone can direct me to something similar. I’ll be on the hunt for the eastern versions now, so I will tell you of my tales when I do find something similar.

As for the western versions, I know that you can find fruit jelly in the Real Canadian Superstore, if you version has the Chocolate shop. Mine does, and there is a local lady that makes fruit jelly and sells it there. Also, around xmas, Shoppers Drugmart has this holiday pack they normally stock, of fruit jelly, that have the look of candy(but they aren’t). They come in 2 versions, Citrus and Meadow Fruits. I can’t recall the name of the company that makes them, but the package is long, like a holiday chocolate box, and the jellies come in 2 trays, much like holiday chocolate. So they should be popping up in stores soon. I normally see them after Canadian Thanksgiving.

‘Til the next post

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***Disclaimer – I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned on this blog. I just started to blog, so who would sponsor me, seriously. All items featured were purchased with my own money, gained by some other means, like awesome gifts from peoples, trades, or perhaps even a promotion of some sort.***

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