Jewelry Tinkering – Amazon Review – Ear Hooks

Brokedown Vanity - Jewlery Tinkering - Amazon Review - Ear Hooks

I am sharing something a bit different this morning, for my random extra posts I do on crafting and jewelry some wednesday mornings.

I had purchased a few things off of in the beginning of the summer, with a giftcard I had received. Some things from that order did make it, but 3 items just never did, I have received refunds for 2 so far, and have been able to reorder the one, so we will see how that goes.

When I was searching for items, I mostly was looking for findings or molds(resin or clay ones).

I was rather excited when I found this listing, as finding Medical Grade Surgical Steal can be hard. Most are plated, which isn’t something that works for me, as I am allergic to multiple metals, and plating just doesn’t cut it, sometimes.

Brokedown Vanity - Jewlery Tinkering - Amazon Review - Ear Hooks - Listing

Where to buy:

Item Listing: BeadaholiqueCA 100-Piece Earring Hooks Hypo-Allergenic, Surgical Steel

Seller: Sodio

Price: Currently $16.98CAD – I purchased it for $4.29CAD during a sale

I am new to Amazon, and don’t understand how the prices fluctuate so drastically from week to week. At one point these same ear hooks from this same seller were only $2.49, then last week they were $10.99, still with free shipping, and now there are $16.98 and you have to pay for shipping, unless you are prime(which I am not). I still don’t totally get all the pricing stuff, but find it amusing.

If you scroll to the side on the right and look below all the pricing and cart stuff, there is an area where you can find the same product sold by other sellers for different prices and shipping costs.

Brokedown Vanity - Jewlery Tinkering - Amazon Review - Ear Hooks - Comparison

I didn’t even realize the seller I originally bought from had such crap reviews. I was just looking at the actual item reviews when I was looking at items. I learned something there I guess, and will pay more attention from now on.

As you can see here, Amazon actually rerouted me to an item in their fulfillment centre, even when I clicked on the actual item sold by the person I bought it from in my orders list. When you go to the comparison(link here), you can get it from my actual seller if you hit the add to cart. If you click on the item, it’ll just take you back to the pricier Amazon Fulfilled one for the bigger price. Tricky tricky them. Glad I learned about that one.

Back to the actual product.

I placed the order for this on June 30th, and received my package around July 18thish, it was just before we left for vacation, so it was around there anyways. It was supposed to come between July 23rd and August 13th, so I thought that was really good.

The item was well packed and in good condition. The hooks have more luster than what is shown in the product picture on the Amazon listing. All the balls were scratch free. There was like 3 bent ones in the whole pack, and it was a very minimal bend. All loops were well fitted and not sharp. All the ends that connect to your ear holes were flat and smooth, no sharp bits. As a whole, they look all the same, and are in really good condition.

It took me a while to make earrings for myself, to actually test these, as I had been doing so many other things recently, jewelry wise. Once I did make myself something, I tested them for 7 days straight(only taking them out for swimming and sleeping). I did not have a single reaction. So these are the real thing, and I can’t be any happier about it. I would love to get my hands on some more.

I thought I’d share the journey with these, as finding good findings for jewelry can be hard. Many people are allergic to nickel, but there are some people like me, who react to even trace amount of certain other metals. Implant Grade Medical Surgical Steel sometimes is the only safe bet, for a cheaper and safe option. I typically wear gold when I buy jewelry, but I did want something I could use so I could wear some of my own creations.

I haven’t written an actual review on Amazon yet for this product, but that is the next step.

Yay to learning about new things!

‘Til later,

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***Disclaimer – I am not sponsored by nor the seller featured in this post. I am doing this review of my own accord. I purchased this item myself, with a giftcard that was purchased for me as a gift. My review of this item is my honest opinion.***




2 thoughts on “Jewelry Tinkering – Amazon Review – Ear Hooks

    1. Yes, I just randomly decided to start sharing it on my blog, in the summer. It was part inspired by a blog I follow. They were doing my 6 week No-Buy, and applied it to their crafting(rather than makeup). They decided to use some scraps to make some stuff out of, and I was like, I have tones of scarps of supplies, I could start making stuff with all these scarps, bits and bobs.

      I figure, they are beautiful things, they can work with a beauty blog. A lot of people always include jewelry as filler in their backgrounds, for blog photos. I figured if I eventually did that, I could use my own creations.

      It has actually inspired me to make more, as I not have a spot to share it all. It always made me sad to make things, but never have a place to showcase it, as I don’t do craft fairs and such, not since my teens.

      Anyways, I rambled on there a bit, haha.

      It is hard to find good findings, I was really happy with this discovery, especially since it was a gamble of sorts.

      Anyways, there are a bunch of jewelry posts up on the blog now, and a few just crafty things too.

      I always try to find compatible youtube videos, for the techniques I use, so people can maybe make the things themselves, if they want.


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