Unbag with me! – Value Village

For the crafty/jewelry post this morning, I thought I’d do something just a wee bit different.

I was at Value Village, and saw this interesting bag of mixed crafting stuff, so I picked it up to see all of what was inside, and decided to unbag it for you on youtube!

I am still getting use to this filming things deal, so bear with my, as I learn.

I had a lot of fun sorting though the bag.

I have since found out that the bow pins are used to make decorative bows, and are typically used with a certain type of machine.

I’m still not sure all of what is safe for the essential oil like little containers. I don’t know if they are cosmetic grade and safe for skin products. I would probably just stick to using them in candles, personally. They have asian writing on them, so it has been hard to look up the company.

I hope you enjoyed this odd little post!

‘Til Later,

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