Thoughts – On Blogging for 6 Months

Recently the blog hit 6 months, and I contemplated if I was going to do anything on the blog about it or not.

I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers do a goals post, or try to give advice.

I really didn’t have any goals to this blog initially. I just wanted to chronicle my journey of reemerging myself in the beauty world. My timeline with the blog was initially 3 months, no set goals, but if I felt like it was a waste, I’d stop it there, or just do less on the blog.


First Blog Post – The Little Lost Vanity

I ended up doing more, and learning a lot along the way.

I didn’t set goals, as I didn’t really know what would even be an attainable number for most things.

I’ve learned a lot about my limits, and where I choose to keep focus.


With wordpress there is a big sense of community as well. It isn’t just about my blog. I am always amazed by what you all like to read and what you all pick as your favorite posts.

Top 5 Posts of the Year so far:

Brokedown Vanity - JNI - DIY Press-On Nail Painting Station - End Result

#1 – Just Nail It – DIY – Press-on Nail Painting Station

I find this one an interesting choice for first. People really do like learning how to make simple things to make their lives a bit easier though. I have made 3 of these now, and they do make my extra curricular nail painting a bit easier.

#2 – What’s in my Emergency Makeup Kit?

I will have to do an update on this one, as it does change with the seasons. I can understand why people like this one though. It is a system I have used for years, since I first started to go out dancing. I always have a few different kinds of goth boots in rotation, so there is always boots to fit the kit.

#3 – Tuesday’s Honest Reviews – Must Have Beauty – Matte Lips Duo Kit

I initially was surprised with this one, but I get it now. I get a lot of hits off of search sites for it, as others are probably having just as hard a time as me finding information about this company.

#4 – The product I have been using for 17 years – Covergirl Outlast All Day Lipcolor

I am glad this one made the list, it is one of my favorite posts on the site.

#5 – Favorite Things – Lipart

Same here, I love lipart, but never tried it, so I am glad people are digging my attempts.


There are a few things I want to focus on, up to the 1 year blog mark, and that will be my photography, and trying to put my face on the blog more. I use to do it often enough in the beginning, but I sort of got out of the habit of it. No reason for that personally, I think it is just the way my content went.

As for the blog photography, I have been collecting things to make my pictures more spruced up, and some of that stuff has already been shown here and there in the pictures. I really enjoy using the scarves, and have been slowly collecting some scrapbooking papers. I’ve been finding cute little props and things.

Brokedown Vanity - SH - RCSS - Flights of Fancy - 1

Been storing everything in a bin, and am hoping that soon I’ll have the selection I feel that I will need for what I want to do.

The most important part will be remembering to use my Ipod to take pictures, as it does a better job than my phone. Part of the current issue with that is it is just always near dead when I do remember to use it, so it still just doesn’t get used. It is also rather annoying to get photos off of in batches. My computer just does not like it.


I have a sorta set schedule on what I post when, and then areas of the week were I can do whatever I want. I like it that way so far, and don’t think I’ll be changing it anytime soon. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are fairly set on what I do. It makes my weekly planning a bit easier.

Someday, maybe I’ll put my actual timeline up on the blog somewhere, so you guys know when abouts I do what. I am not too worried about that at the moment. The Rough Schedule is:

Mondays – “What’s in my . . . “, Review Sites, Whatever Else
Tuesdays – Reviews
Wednesdays – Nail Stuff
Thursdays – Lashes/Mascara, Whatever Else
Fridays – Lip Stuff, Whatever Else
Saturdays – Shopping Hauls
Sundays – Sample Stuff

It is sort of like that, that is the very basic way to explain it anyways.


I think that is all for now, don’t want to just blabber on forever.

Brokedown Vanity - #springintosummer2018 Challenge - Day 2

Here is to another 6 months of blogging!

‘Til Tomorrow,

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