Jewelry Tinkering – More Chainmaille!

Brokedown Vanity - Jewelry Tinkering - More Chainmaille - 1

I’ve really enjoyed getting back into making chainmaille, and ended up making this “2 in 2” Chain Hybrid.

This was a gift I made for my Bestie. She enjoys the colour yellow, so I really had to figure out what colours I wanted in there. I chose some frosted golden yellow 8/0 seed beads, as well as some frosted warm brown, transparent luster yellow, silver lined chocolate beads of the same size.

I took the traditional “2 in 2” chain made with medium jump rings(6mm), and then added smaller jump rings(4mm) to each side with the beads. This makes a really sturdy bracelet, as the chance for both jumprings in any pairing to open at the same time is highly unlikely.

Brokedown Vanity - Jewelry Tinkering - More Chainmaille - 2

I liked her bracelet so much, I ended up looking for more colours to go with the beads, to make some fall inspired bracelets. Each is slightly different. I have some red lined clear, transparent leaf green, green lined transparent yellow and transparent luster orange added into the mix here.

I am waiting on an order of clasps to come in, so I can finish these ones up.

Brokedown Vanity - Jewelry Tinkering - More Chainmaille - 3

I love the “2 in 2” chains, but they do take some time to make. I decided to make some “1 in 1” chains, which are basically just the traditional chain we all know for necklaces, but done with these round jumprings. I just added the beads right on. These are the medium sized rings(6mm). I did them in 7 inch, 6 inch and 5 inch lengths, as well as some little ones for earrings, just for kicks. Once the extensions are added to each as well as the clasps, these will each have an extra inch of play, so they should fit a wide range of people.

I had fun playing around with colours. My daughter likes the rainbow ones best. I am working on a green mix right now. I’m basically shooting for 10 variations in each size, to use up some of my supplies. I want to make more of the “2 in 2” chains as well, they just take a bi of time, and it has been busy these last 10 days or so, so that will have to wait a bit, I think.

I want to fin some charms too, to put on the ends. Not everyone is going to like my little clock parts, even if I think they are super cute and put them on everything! haha.

In case you are curious about beginner chainmailling, I found this video that explains a bit about what I did here, and it can at least get you started in the right direction.

Pro Tip, if you want to get started, but don’t want to buy a fancy mandrel, use something you have around the house. In the past I would use pens, pencils, knitting needles, crochet hooks and paint brushes to wrap my wire on, to make the jumprings. To get different sizes, just find something uniformly cylindrical that it a different size.

Hope you enjoyed!

‘Til Later

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