Blog News – Back to our Regular Scheduled Programming

Hey Everyone,

This summer didn’t go exactly how I wanted it for the blog. I had a big period of time of no net access, when I went on vacation. I also had a very busy summer with the kids this year, compared to past years. Most likely due to them being all older now, and it being easier to go do all the things.


I wanted to keep to a normal schedule here, but it just didn’t happen how I had envisioned it, between the kids, and the work I do.

That being said, it was the first day back to school today, in my part of Canada.

I will be picking up my regular schedule of blogging again, which I am actually very excited for. I have so many fun things to play with, new things to review, and lots of new opportunity that I gained over the summer.

I look forward to being back on social media, and continuing my #BloggersPromotingBloggers hashtag there.

While I launched my The Very Merry Utterly Random Unchallenge here on the blog over the summer, I look forward to bring it to all the other platforms too, and seeing if people pick it up.

Brokedown Vanity - Helen - b&w

I am still sorting though all the buildup of posts in my inbox, I might be late reading them, but I still want to get through them, and read what you all have been up to. So if you see me peak in on something really old, well that is just me trying desperately to catch up, haha.

I do it sort of randomly, so I don’t go in order by date, so I’ll be all over the place on there.

Looking forward to seeing you all out and about on the interwebs!

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‘Til Later,

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