Lipart Roundup – Artist: Jenny Schneider

Jenny Schneider is a Professional Makeup Artist from Germany. I first came across her work on pinterest, as that is where I find most of the artist I follow that create unique lipart. I do now follow her instagram as well.

I wouldn’t say she is known specifically for lipart, but she does tie in the lips when doing her creative looks, and does give them their own special focus.

I really enjoy the vibrancy she tends to use, as well as the geometric shapes.

I liked this shot of her face the most, for a more normal look, so this is the one I chose.

I really enjoy that outside the lip line look. Jenny does it a lot, and does it well.

I found this one interesting.

She often embellishes her lip looks and doodles on them after the shots are taken.

I think this one came together very beautifully.

I would have my lips like this every day if I wasn’t living in the middle of nowhere.

This one is like face graffiti.

An awesome take on the goth lip.

Love the colour combo of this one.

I just thought I’d share this one, she basically did whole body makeup art. She really likes flowers, it seems.

If you would like to see what else she has done, and some of her editorial work, please have a visit of her instagram. – It is under some construction though


If you are interested, and want to see some more lipart, I have a Pinterest Board dedicated to the art.

Hope you enjoyed and give these artists some love!

‘Til Tomorrow

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