Blogs I like Reading – Beauty Blogs – Part 3

Here is another group of Beauty Blogs I like to read, when I make the time. These I like reading for the makeup looks that come along with all the other posts.


Beauty Creep


I started following this blog for the reviews, but stayed for the beautiful eye looks. I love a good review, and in the beginning of my makeup journey with the blog, I did want to find out what was good or not. I found that after a few months, I was paying more attention to all the fun makeup looks as well. This continues to be one of my favorites for those days what I just want to look at something pretty that is out there in the world.



The amount of makeup looks you will see here is truly astonishing. The use of all sorts of colour really makes me happy. This is another one I like to stare at when I just need a smile.

Bee Beauty

Anna Bankester Bee Beauty – Southern Gothic Beauty

I love this blog on so many levels. I first found this blog while trying to find some gothic blogs that were for people not in highschool. I just wanted to see how someone had transitioned into adulthood and kept some of the goth principles going while still being able to function out in everyday society.

I myself was never purely goth, more of a punk/rocker/goth mix, as well as a bit of hippy thrown in.

Anyways . . .

I love they style and ascetic, but I normally only ever see the young ones, or the hardcore ones. I just wanted to see if someone managed to blend it all in and make it work, and Anna seems to be that person.

Her makeup looks are fab, and you can follow along and do them yourself, as she does give you instructions. I am often amused by what inspires her to do them. She also just has a pleasant face to look at. She also likes to talk(or write I should say), so I feel connected, as I am like that as well, and my posts can get a bit crazy at times too.


I hope you find some new blogs to enjoy!

‘Til Tomorrow

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