Just Nail It – Vacation Pedicure

Brokedown Vanity - JNI - Vacation Pedicure - 1

I really have to start remembering to use my Ipod to take photos on, instead of my phone, haha.

So about a week before we were to come home, my daughter and I decided we wanted our nails done for the beach. So we did some simple pedicures, because we didn’t bring all that much up north. I only have a handful of little bottles, and my little bottles aren’t the best quality polishes.

I originally thought this was going to last me around 5 days, but almost a month later, the pedicure is still going strong with no chips. My finger nails grow super fast, but my toe nails have always been slightly slow. They grow well, they just don’t grow fast, and I don’t really mind that.

Brokedown Vanity - JNI - Vacation Pedicure - 2

There are the 2 colours we used, both purchased from Dollarama. The Mariposa was a part of Collection 19 and the Kozmic Colours was a part of a little 3 pack.

I wanted something bright to stand out, and the orange was the brightest we had up there. I didn’t realize it looked sort of halloweeny until it was all said and done, but I don’t mind at all. It is my favorite holiday anyway!

‘Til Tomorrow

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11 thoughts on “Just Nail It – Vacation Pedicure

    1. I am always fearful of doing my nails, as I know I will screw them up quickly. In the garden too much in the summer. That is why I like the press-ons. I will put sparkles on them from time to time, that is something easily fixed, if you don’t have a base colour on.

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      1. I use gel tabs on the back of mine, so no nail damage, it is great really, and I can reuse the nails, unless I loose one, but then all I have to do is make a replacement.

        It is a safe way for youngsters to enjoy them too, you don’t have to worry about damaging their little nails.

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      2. I am allergic to practically anything with chemicals in it, so the glue actually eats into my nail more than normal.

        I use to love getting them done, but could only do it a handful of times a year, just so my nails could heal.

        This option is much safer. I have been enjoying it.

        There is also peal off base coats, which people have found helpful for one day press-ons. You just put the peal off coat on, then put a lighter, brush on glue on top of that. It isn’t super long lasting, but would do you fine for a wedding or something, and yet again, you can just save the nails.

        I haven’t tested that one yet, but it is something I thought might be fun to try out.

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