Jewelry Tinkering – Scrap Bracelets

I have a lot of beads that are acrylic. Surprisingly many of them are from around when I was 9 years old, and really started to get into hand crafting items. My Grandma use to take me to Len’s Mill and Lewiscraft, and I’d get the bucket of mixed beads for $2. It was a great way to up my stash, and I use to use them a lot around xmas time, when I’d make ornaments.

I couldn’t part with the gifted beads, even when I became an adult, and the artificial beads no longer held the magic as they did for a child. I have since given some of the stash to my daughter, as she is of the age to enjoy all that sort of thing. Some of it I just couldn’t, as the memory of it, and who gave it to me is still there, and I am not ready to let go.

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While I was trying to decide what I was going to do with it all, I found some acrylic bead packs I had bought from Walmart. I think I had meant to give them to my daughter, for one of the yearly days that requires gifts, but they just got lost in the stash.

These packages are normally colour themed, and have various shapes and sizes. I know I see different ones at different Walmarts, so it is worth it to look around, if you want a variety. Unless you Walmart has a super awesome crafts department, then you might be in luck.

What I have here is the blacks, whites, purples and pinks packs. They are $2CAD each, and you often get more than the 48 beads the package says.

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I always have small bits of random string/cord materials, that are stuffed in baggies based on size. Seen here is some embroidery floss and crafting twine.

I figured I’d use some of them up, mixed with these bead packs, to create something.

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I like to sort the project beads out. When I get mixed packs, I just sort of go by sizes of the holes in the beads, and then the type of bead themselves, then separate them from there. That way a variety of things can be made from the packs.

Brokedown Vanity - Jewelry Tinkering - Scrap Bracelets - 4

I decided for this project, I’d throw in some large seed beads in the mix. These are 6/0 Seed Beads, so they have a large hole. I got some of these from Dollar Tree, and then some are just super old, I think from White Rose(Why do all the good Canadian craft stores die???).

Brokedown Vanity - Jewelry Tinkering - Scrap Bracelets - 5

I wanted to design something that my daughter could make along with me, so this is what we did. These are called wish bracelets. Basically you tie them onto your wrist, or ankle if you want, and they are there to stay, you never take it off. You make a wish when you put it on, and they day your bracelet finally gives, and a piece of the string disintegrates, your wish comes true.

I actually never made these as a child, I stuck to the traditional friendship bracelets. I thought the idea was cute, and it was a good way to use up the smaller cords.

To make it easier on my daughter(she isn’t that great at macrame yet), we just used normal knots in between all the beads, and that is it. Super easy, and you can make a bunch in a short amount of time.

I liked these so much, I might buy myself some coloured waxed cord, some leather cord, and make some adult versions.

Brokedown Vanity - Jewelry Tinkering - Scrap Bracelets - 6

After my daughter got tired of making things, I did a few other designs.

The top and bottom ones have 2 cords, and are just right and left knots over a centre cord, which is you beading cord. I do one right knot, one left knot, one bead, and so on until desired length.

No video for this one, I sort of just did it out of my head.


The next one is a style I have done so many times, just without beads. I probably have a good 200 of them in the house, no joke. I make these to help my early onset tendonitis. Keeps my fingers from locking too much. I use to wear these in my hair, when I was younger, but they make fun necklaces, bracelets, anklets, bookmarks, sun-glass strings, earbud decor and so on.

They are really fun with multi-coloured cording. Super simple, just a bunch of right knots.

I found this youtube video for this one, if you decide you want to try.


The Butterfly one is just a basic Square Knot. There are a bunch of ways you can use this to create bracelets. I find guys tend to really enjoy this design, with the right colour of cord and beads.

I learned this from a crafting book years ago, on hemp/paracord bracelets. Here is video I found that demonstrates it well.


The last bracelet I did is basically like the seed bead bracelets, but without the seed beads. Just right knot, left knot, right knot, left knot, until you hit a spot you want to put a big bead.

It is basically like this tutorial below, but you just make a whole bracelet out of it. You can use just one cord, or two, of the same colour, and just make one end short, one end long, knot your loop, pin to jeans, and then go on like this tutorial tells you.

I always loop my cords, and pin them to my jeans with a safety pin, to make these sorts of bracelets. I don’t like working on pillows, boards, with tape or pins. It just works out for me my way. I wouldn’t suggest using anything other than a traditional jean, or the holes from the safety pins wont reintegrate in the wash the next time you clean them..

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    1. I try to be!

      I stumbled across them randomly, and they are made all sorts of ways. I just thought it was something easy enough for my daughter to try out and not get frustrated with.

      Don’t know what we will do with them all yet. We have over 70 of them now. It is a good way to use up random things or supplies you only have small amounts of.

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