Shopping Haul – Mashalls

Brokedown Vanity - SH - Marshalls - 1a

I have a sort of interesting(at least to me) haul for you today.

I’ve been shopping at Winners since I was about 13 years old. I use to go there after xmas, with my xmas money, and get myself a pair of boots, a winter coat, sometimes a belt or other accessory. I vaguely remember getting one of my first purses from there too.

I hadn’t shopped there for years, but started back up with the makeup journey of this blog. What I didn’t know was that they were Affiliated with HomeSense and Marshalls. Once I found this out, I eventually thought maybe I should see if there was any around me, as there were more than a few Marshalls in Canada now. They have been here for about 7 years, but since they were being put up in the major cities first, I just never came across one.

The one I visited is located on the outer edge of London. It was super clean, and the workers were really great, informative and friendly. I was really happy with my experience.

The store did feel like Winners, but seemed better put together store wise, than any of the Winners I have visited. It made it look a little more highend, than shopping at a discount store. I like this location(even though I haven’t visited any others yet, so maybe it is just because it is really new).

I was happy to see some of the same sorts of things beauty wise, that I have seen at Winners, but here, they haven’t been all swatched. A lot of things seem to be vacuum sealed, over top of the regular packaging. Also there are a lot of little plastic cages that products get locked into. Winners has these, but they typically only use them for super high-end items, or perfumes.

I really liked that I could just go in there, and see everything where it was supposed to be. Things were not all opened, or on the floors. The packages themselves were still in nice conditions.

On to the goodies!

Brokedown Vanity - SH - Marshalls - 1b

I found this Kat Von D Shade & Light Blush Duo in Mickey + Mallory for $9.99CAD(Reg. $20.00+CAD). I have been wanting to try out more from her line, only owning a lipstick before this shop, so this was a nice find for me.

They also had some of the more interesting shades of the Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks. I Chose Poe, which sort of looks blue, but then it also looks sort of purple. I wont know for sure until I put it on, but I am fine with it either way. I have so many normal lipsticks, that I am really happy to get something fun like this. I grabbed this one for a steal, only $3.00CAD(Reg. $9.99CAD – Worth $18.00CAD)

I really like the Lipstick Queen Brand. I like their artwork on their packages, I like the bold black they use, and the artistic direction they take in their lines is fun too. I was happy to find more from this brand, as there is no where I have ever seen so far in Canada that sells it physically, other than Winners.

If you haven’t noticed by now, or are new to the blog, I prefer to shop physically for beauty items. I’d rather not leave things to chance and order online, unless I know the brand well. I do go to Sephora to try things out, then shop online after, sometimes.

I saw this Lipstick Queen Lipstick Trio named Sugar Spice & all things Nice for $9.00CAD on Clearance. It was normally $24.99CAD at Marshalls, and they sticker on the front says it is normally sold for $45(and is a $72 value), so a good deal for this pack. These are all slightly glittery, which I love. It says on the back they go on sort of sheer and are somewhat more of something to add to actual lipstick, which I don’t mind.

I’ve heard that Pixi can be found in Winners and Marshalls, but I hadn’t seen any of the products there, until I found this one. I do have a Shoppers near me which sells all of the newer releases on a small endcap, so that is something. I picked this up to try it out, as all the Beauty Gurus from the states seem to like this brand a lot.

This is the Pixi Matte Lustre Lipstick in Classic Red. I do wear reds a lot, so I figured it was a safe colour for me to actually test, as I know what I like quality wise with that colour. I picked this up for $5.99CAD(Reg. $12.00CAD).

I have been looking for Makeup Revolution(or just Revolution Beauty now I guess). I am not totally sure why they rebranded, haven’t looked into it yet, but I do know they make some rather fun things, and have been wanting to see what the quality is like with their beauty items. I was so happy to see this palette, so I snagged it on up!

The Makeup Revolution No Photos Please Palette comes with 10 eyeshadow shades and a bonus little eye primer. I picked it up for $5.99CAD(Reg. $8.00CAD). Cheaper than if I had to try to ship a palette over the border, so am happy about that, even if this is a bit of an older palette.

Brokedown Vanity - SH - Marshalls - 1c

I check the batch numbers on all the products I buy, and if they are deemed too old by my, I take them back. This one was not expired, so that made me happy.

This was sealed, I just couldn’t resist having a wee bit of a play with it. Swatching was totally mine, haha. The case is really sturdy, I will definitely take this traveling.

Brokedown Vanity - SH - Marshalls - 1d

I like that I always find such different e.l.f. products at Winners, so was happy to see that Marshalls carries the brand too.

I’ve heard a lot about these baked products from e.l.f., but have only found the small highlighters in the stores around me. I don’t know too much about baked products(Wih only a few things from tarte, Sephora and bareMinerals), so thought this would be a fairly safe thing to play with.

I got the e.l.f. Baked Eyeshadow Trio in Lavender Love. It was only $2.99CAD(Reg. $5.00CAD). I also picked up the e.l.f. Eye Makeup Remover Pads as something to use in my purse or for traveling. I don’t really have any pads for on the go purposes, and with all my recent shopping this year, there are times when I have swatches for days on my arm. At Shoppers the ladies are always really great, and have them at ready. When I am in a big retailer, I am not so lucky, so I now have this slim little pack. They were $1.00CAD(Reg. 3.00CAD). Great price for something to just throw in a purse or travel bag. I should have picked up more, just for the convenience.

If you haven’t read my post: The product I have been using for 17 years – Covergirl Outlast Allday Lipcolour, then you wouldn’t know about my obsession with this product. I am trying to collect more of these now, and when I saw this one for a deal, I was fairly happy. This is really close to the paprika colour I like.

The Covergirl Outlast AllDay Lipcolour in 840 Signature Scarlet(From the Custom Reds collection) was $4.99CAD(Reg. 7.97). I’ve seen these priced anywhere from $6.47 to 12.99 in the stores, so it was a great deal for me. I use the Moisturizing Topcoats with other liquid lipsticks I own all the time, so having another one is great. Worth it just for that, as replacement ones of those are rather pricey too.

They had a bunch of Flower Beauty there, and with all the press Drew Barrymore has been doing for the latest launches of her Beauty Brand, I did want to try out some other products. I picked up this Flower Beauty Eyes on the Prize Eyeshadow Chubby Stick in EC2 Olive My Love for $3.00CAD on clearance, normally $4.99CAD(Reg. $8.00). It might not have been a sought after colour, as it is a different sort of green, but that is why I liked it. Wont pass up the extra deal either!

Lastly, I picked up a bottle of nail polish from a brand called Ruby Wing. I have never seen this brand before, but the polish was super fun looking. The colour is Spring Fling Queen, with gold glitter and pink/purple/light blue stars. I knew my daughter would like it, so I got it more for her than anything. It was $3.99CAD(Reg. $8.00).

Brokedown Vanity - SH - Marshalls - 1e

I really didn’t want to swatch these yet, I sort of like that they are all pristine. I thought I’d open them up tho. I really like the metal tubes of the Lipstick Queen ones. Each one is different in its own way.

I have a system for Winners, which I used for Marshalls this shop. I normally pick out a budget, this time was $50(before tax), and then find things I like, throw them in my basket. I then go through it all and see what I really want to try out, of what is there. I then put the other things back(because I don’t like making work for people, and the beauty section is so small). It really helps as sometimes I throw something in my basket just because it is cute, but not something I might use often. I’d rather use my money on beauty products that are going to be used, than have as a novelty. At least in this stage of my updating with my personal collection.

Brokedown Vanity - Bonus - Cat in a Bag

Bonus Cat in a Bag!

I was sorting stuff out today, and I had boxes and totes all over, and the cat decided to make this bag her home. She would not actually look at me for the photo, she was being saucy. She probably thought I was going to boot her, so she was ignoring me.

‘Til Tomorrow

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