Just Nail It – Youtube Nail Artist – Naio Nails

Brokedown Vanity - JNI - Naio Nails

I thought I’d do something a little big different today. As I have been catching up on my emails, I normally have a window open with a youtube video playing. I had a good 2 weeks worth of videos to catch up on as well, so I was multitasking.

I decided to share one of my favorite Experts on Nail Art.

Half the stuff I can’t even hope to ever do, just don’t have the sort of tools and polishes needed, nor the skill, but I sure do like watching it.

I also like the videos with Fay in them, they always seems like such fun videos.

There are so many beautiful designs, and I learned many things that I can even apply to my rudimentary nail designs, haha.

Hope you like the share today, I figured since I had binged 3 hours worth of the videos on there, I’d at least share with you all. Hopefully you find it useful in some way too!

‘Til Tomorrow

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