Blogs I like Reading – Other Blogs – Part 1

Here is another round of blogs I enjoy. These aren’t Beauty Blogs specifically, but sometimes have a little bit of beauty thrown into the mix.

I like these all for different reasons, and I wouldn’t say I like any single blog on here more than another.


Kittyp0p Blog


This blog makes me happy in general. It does contain a lot of pictures per post, so if that is not your sort of thing, you might not like this. The posts are always random in my eyes, lots of food, frogs, fashion, beauty and outdoor adventures. Her boyfriend is a champ, and sometimes the pictures are actually taken by him.

Love From Us Blog

Love from Us

This is an interesting blog, and has evolved as I have been reading it. It use to be mostly focused on fashion and some beauty, but you will find a little bit of this and that thrown in now and again. I find the Author very funny at times, and I enjoy the way everything gets presented on the blog. There is even an excitable nature in the posts, which can get me motivated and inspired at times. If anything, the pictures are always nice to look at, and the content is easy to absorb.

Little Fears Blog

Little Fears

This is an artistic blog, with funny little stories that are often a play with words. I love the whole idea of this blog. It amuses me greatly. The Author is a rare sort, not often found, but cherished. I’d like to get some merchandise someday, maybe something with the cute spiders. I’d suggest reading part of any of the ongoing storylines, and if it isn’t your thing, just enjoy the weird little creatures that are created.


I hope you find some new blogs to enjoy!

‘Til Tomorrow

Blog Signature

P.S – This is a scheduled post. I am on vacation with the kids, way up north with no internet access. I will be gone from Saturday July 21st until Wednesday August 8th. I wont be able to respond to anything in that time, but I didn’t want to leave the blog blank, so I decided to make fun posts for my time away. I will get back to all of you when I get back home =) Enjoy the different content!


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