Vacation to the Great North

Brokedown Vanity - House

Satellite shot of the bi house we will be at. It looks so small from satellite.

My husband and Father-in-law are redoing all the floors on our main floor of the house, as well as a bathroom update on that floor. It’ll make the house not very livable. Luckily, my Inlaws bought up 285 acres on top of a mountain up north last year.

The kids and I will be going up there for 2 weeks just about, from Saturday July 21st to Wednesday August 8th.

I wont have any internet access up there, not because there isn’t any, but more for the fact my Mother-in-law has a plan that only allows for a very limited amount of data. Doing anything with my blog would eat that all right up quick, and it isn’t my house, so I am opting for not net for the 2 weeks.

Brokedown Vanity - Beach

The beach we like to go to.

We plan on fishing, swimming, having some great food, exploring a few trails, going to Maynooth, which is a super cool town, their hotel is painted bright purple, haha. The Candy shop owner is from Germany, and she has green dreadlocks to her waist. They even have a flower shop that instead of flowers, has cacti.

I have a bunch of different content I made for the blog, which will be going up during our stay up north. I post so frequently, I didn’t want to leave the blog just sitting, empty so I thought it would be the safest bet.

I wont be able to comment right away, but can get back to you all after we get home.

Blog Signature

P.S – This is a scheduled post. I am on vacation with the kids, way up north with no internet access. I will be gone from Saturday July 21st until Wednesday August 8th. I wont be able to respond to anything in that time, but I didn’t want to leave the blog blank, so I decided to make fun posts for my time away. I will get back to all of you when I get back home =) Enjoy the different content!

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