The Very Merry Utterly Random Unchallenge – Intro

In the aftermath of my epic fail on the Instagram Challenge I participated in May(Well epic only to myself), I decided to create my own challenge of sorts, which isn’t really a challenge.


Basically this is meant more to inspire, than anything. Not that I need inspiration myself, but I figured if I was going to make something, it might as well have a purpose for people, other than what I want myself.

After much though, I decided I really want it to be just totally random. I also wanted it to be something that can be applied to anything in life, be it doing your nails, writing a letter, making a song, creating artwork, painting a fence, organizing your yarn, buying new bathroom towels, and so on. I really could go on forever with that. I also wanted it to be easily swap-able, if you were using the Unchallenge one month for a makeup look, I wanted you to be able to write a poem with it the next.

This made the making of the Unchallenge a bit challenging, haha.

I also wanted a variety of things for people to be able to mix about. The easiest way I thought that would work would be a strong title and a palette of colours.

Brokedown Vanity - Random Word Generator

I decided to use the Random Lists website, to generate 50 word lists. I’d make 10 or so such lists, so I’d end up with 500 words to work with. Some words would not be used, and some would end up doubles, but all in all it ended up creating some unique results. I’d then open a list, start randomly matching, in a way that sort of makes sense, while not at the same time. Once a list was half used, I’d open up the second, and finish off the first with matches to the second.

The 2 word combos I compiled on a google document, so I wouldn’t lose it. I am good at loosing things.

To choose which combos are picked per series, I just use my up and down arrow keys and mash a bunch of times without looking, and whatever it lands on goes to the current series I am working on.

Brokedown Vanity - Random Palette Generator

I then wanted to create random palettes. I decided to use the Coolors website, which had a nice mix of what I was looking for. I wanted something that had more than 4 colour options, I wanted to see the colour codes as well. I also wanted it to generate fast, so I could just bang them off.

I just gather these, after I screen capture them, into a folder. The process for picking which get used per series is I simply close my eyes, wave the mouse about, and whatever it lands on is the one to be moved over to the series file folder.

The Very Merry Utterly Unchallenge - Sneak Peak

Sneak Peak at the first matchings of the series.

I then take it all to Photoshop, and do some PS magic, and create my Unchallenge poster. I basically just paste it all in and random, shuffle it about, make it pretty and understandable, then save.

The point of these Unchallenge series will be to simply inspire. You can do with them whatever you want, in whatever medium you want.

There also will be no set anything. You could do one a day, week, month, year, or life. Yup, one a lifetime.You could do 3 from Series 4, and never do another until Series 72. You could just stare at them, and do nothing, and that would be enough for your Unchallenge. I wont have rules to this, or timelines, and you can use the words and palettes to create whatever you want. There is no pressure in any sense, and no timeline.

The only thing that you could follow, rule wise, if you wanted, would be if you are sharing whatever you end up doing online, you could tag it #bdvunchallenge. This way I could see and share what you have done.

If you don’t want to do even that, then I understand, the whole point of this is no pressure, really.

As I put the new Series up on the blog, I will try to show examples of all the ways you could possibly use this Unchallenge for yourself, if you so choose to. The Possibilities are endless, but sometimes we all need to see it to truly understand.

I look forward to launching the new Unchallenge soon, it is part of my scheduled posts for my vacation. I wont be able to talk you while they go live, but any questions I can answer when I get back.

The kids and I will be back home on August 8th.

‘Til Tomorrow

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