Handmade Crafting – Crochet Scrap Circles Blanket – Part 1

I’ve talked above not liking to waste things, and trying to find ways to reuse and repurpose items. I am not totally doing that here, but I am trying not to make waste of something that I did buy at one time. I think I started to ramble a bit, haha.

So I have knitted since I was 9 years old. I took up crochet in my 20’s. I do various other things with fibrous twine, string, yarn, wool, embroidery floss, cord, leather, so on and so forth. I keep all my clippings, ends, left over bits. Sometimes it takes me years to figure out what I want to do with them, but eventually I do find a use.

This time around I was organizing my wool, and I noticed I had an absurd amount of ball ends, from various finished projects.

I normally turn these into a Granny Square Blanket. I give them as gifts, or most recently, I have been donating one a year to the school my kids go to, around xmas time, so that they can raffle it off. They had in past years used the money to go towards safer playground equipment, as the stuff they had there was getting rather old and out of code.

My Raffle Blankets always make an absurd amount of money, which makes me happy, because it all goes back to my kids in some form.

Sometimes, when one of the other crafty moms on the Parent Council thinks of it, they do a Yarn Drive for me. I will put those bits and bobs to the next year’s blanket project, and the bigger skeins go towards making hats and scarves for the Student Office to give out if someone forgets their stuff, or can’t afford something new. Canada has cold winters, and while I can easily make stuff for my kids, some aren’t that lucky. I use to do this in highschool too, for my friends. Always had like 4 extra sets in my locker. Use to make Muffs too, out of fun fur, still have some, my daughter loves them.

Brokedown Vanity - Handmade Crafting - Scrap Crochet Blanket - Colour Story


So while figuring out what balls could work for what, and just generally sorting and making ends into balls, I found out that I had a lot of little balls. With my Granny Squares I normally try to do 10 batches of 10 Squares. A Batch of Ten Squares will have 6 Colours of Yarn, normally 4 solid colours, and then 2 that are the colour change yarn. Due to this, I need a good amount of each colour, so that they can each be a centre, but also a border, at least once.

So when there just isn’t enough to accomplish that, I just don’t use that ball of colour. It seems after years, I had many smaller balls, which had been stuffed into bags and bins all over the place.

I was trying to think on alternative uses, and thought I could do bricks, like lego. I could do pieces like Tetris. I could make flowers too, because a lot of the multi coloured ones only required a bit of colour in the middle. I could do circles too.

I want to try all of these ideas, but ultimately, I decided to give circles a try. I had never made a whole blanket out of them. I normally make coasters and pot mats when dealing with circle crochet.

Brokedown Vanity - Handmade Crafting - Scrap Crochet Blanket - Storage


So I decided on circles, which are something easy, that I can make in the dark basically, as the stitches are all basic ones.

I am planning on doing a bunch of different sizes, as I do have some 1/2 skeins I am throwing into the mix, as well as all the little balls and 1/4 skeins.

I have thrown a bunch of the balls in my little project bag, and I just make whatever I can with the ball sizes, and then throw them into a Ziplock Baggie.  You can compact them in there fairly well. I have like 75 in one bag, haha. I haven’t blocked these, nor have I pulled all the ends in yet.

I am thinking, once I get enough, and see the general colour story of the blanket, I am going to buy about 5 skeins of a multi colour yarn, to sorta match whatever ends up going on. I normally border all my Granny Square blankets with black, as it goes with everything, so most people can make use of them.

Since I am doing something different, I thought I’d experiment this time around. We will see how it goes once I get to that point. I might change my mind yet.

Brokedown Vanity - Handmade Crafting - Scrap Crochet Blanket - Circles


Here are 4 of the sizes I have started to make. I haven’t gotten into the really big balls yet, so I don’t have many bigger circles. I think I might do one more size up, so that will make for 5 sizes all together.

I like how random this will end up looking. It will be a bit tricky to get it all matched up so it doesn’t have too big of spacer holes. I also am not totally sure how I am going to get it to be a rectangle just yet, haha. It might end up a build-as-you-go once we get to that point in the project.

I don’t know if you all want to try this too. I have never made a pattern before, but since these are easy and the circles are legit just 5 different types of circles, I think I can figure it out.

If you want to get a head start on learning, here are all the stitches I use to make my circles:

The Bullets above are all linked to youtube videos. The learner series is by Crochet Guru, and she has tutorials for both left and right-handed people, which I thought was great when I looked these up. I hand wind my yarn, but it was cool to see how she does it with just her hook.

I will start making the patterns, and will update as they are done. That is it for now though.

‘Til Later


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