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Brokedown Vanity - Edibles Review - Presidents Choice - Dreamland Tea

For our Bonus Post today, it will be a review on Presidents Choice Dreamland Tea.

This is the first tea I ever tried from this line, many years ago. I started drinking it when I was pregnant, due to it being caffeine free.

Item – Presidents Choice Dreamland Tea

Cost – $2.28CAD for 30g/20 Teabags

Purchase Location – Real Canadian Superstore

Item Facts

  • Caffeine Free
  • Naturally Flavoured

Other Info & Ingredients

A mellow, fragrant blend of dried herbs and flowers with a hint of mint and all-natural flavours. Enjoy this calming tea at any time of day, hot or iced.

Main flavour: Camomile
Additional flavours: BlueberryLemongrassLemon peelLime blossomSpearmintPassionflowerPeppermintRosemary leavesOrange

My Thoughts

This was a great tea in the past, and while I can have caffeine again, I do like to enjoy this one with my son. I find that it goes well both with and without cream or milk. I also don’t mind it if it gets cool, it tastes just as great.

It is a very flavourful tea, there is a lot going on in the mix, and I think that was part why I liked it so much. If I could have my usual, at least I could have something fun.

It steeps quickly, and you can get about 750ml of strong tea from one bag.


Yes, I bought this multiple times, and try to keep a few in the house at all times. I have also given this away alongside gifts, and everyone I have ever given it too has really enjoyed it as well.

‘Til the next post

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