#BloggersPromotingBloggers – June 2018


Brokedown Vanity - #BloggersPromotingBloggers - May 2018

I started the Twitter Hashtag #BloggersPromotingBloggers on May 7th 2018, as a way to promote those fellow bloggers that I read. I try to pick a post, new or old, almost each day. I pick the posts from my inbox, so these are all posts to blogs I am currently subscribed to.

Here is the initial introduction to this hashtag, and a bit more on why I started it:

An Introduction to #BloggersPromotingBloggers

Here is the First Summery Post:

#BloggersPromotingBloggers – May 2018

As a new blogger myself, I know how hard it can be to get your content seen. I am not a big blogger by far, but I figured this could be my little way of getting a few more views for others.


I’ve been really enjoying this blog as of late, the pictures are just beautiful.

This blog is so inspiring makeup wise. I always want to try out the different looks, although I haven’t bothered to start that yet, haha.

This gave me a good laugh, but a lot of the points are also totally true. I was glad to see someone write about this, and truly not give a F$%!.

This is another blog I love for the pictures. Even when it is a beauty based post, there is at least 20 pictures, haha.

Tips are always a nice thing to share, so I like sharing these sorts of things.

This really looked yummy, and I couldn’t help but share it. I want to make it, but I know no one else in the household would eat it. Maybe for a party/thanksgiving/xmas, someday.


That was it for June. I seem to have missed most of it. As you can see, I wasn’t super active on Twitter last month. I actually haven’t posted much this month either. I do my postings on my computer, and there has been a bit of an issue on it right now, which I am fixing. I am hoping to get all my social media back up and running soon, as I really detest using my phone for that stuff, so I just plain don’t.

‘Til Tomorrow

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