Shopping Haul – Winners

Brokedown Vanity - SH - Winners - 2a

Now that I have been introduced to the wonderful world of the Winners Beauty Section, I can’t stop popping in there when I am in one of the big cities near my home location.

Some of the things you can find there just aren’t easily found in person, in Canada. Then there is the discount on top of it.

You do have to check all your items, as some locations really do get utterly picked over, items opened and swatched, things stolen out of kits. Not all locations seem to utilize the little plastic cages, nor the spider bands, to prevent people from opening them. I saw a wonderful palette from Urban Decay, and it was finger-nailed all over. Made me sad. You also need to check batch dates sometimes, especially if it is from a line new to you or you just can’t recall when the item might have been launched. I have run across a few things that were like 7 years old, according to their batch codes.

Okay, on to the goods!

Brokedown Vanity - SH - Winners - 2b

I got this cute little makeup case, it was the first thing I popped into my bag. It is really wide, which I liked. I am not a fan of pink at all, but I don’t mind the colours all mixed in this pattern. I think it is rather pretty. The material is really thick too. It is made by an Australian company called Papinelle, and I got it for $6CAD, normally $15CAD.

Sometimes you can benefit if someone cracks open a package of something. That was the case with this brush set. Someone stole a bunch of brushes put of it, 5 to be exact, so it was marked down as it for only $5CAD, regularly $25CAD.  I was looking for some more brushes for my lip art, so that is what these are going towards.

I wanted to get one of those cleaning pads for my brushes, but they didn’t have any larger flat ones. They did have this one from Polish’d, which is a mat and holder. I’ll just throw my dirty ones in the holder, and when it fills up, I’ll wash them. I would never actually dry my brushes in this though. Picked it up for $5.99CAD, regular price was $8CAd

Brokedown Vanity - SH - Winners - 2c

I found some Ciate London items, which was exciting for me. They were just being placed out, so all items still have non ripped round seals. I was rather happy. They stocker girl was laughing at me. She put up a bunch of Milk items too, but I didn’t know much about them, so I didn’t want to chance it, on how old they might have been.

I don’t have Data on my phone, so I normally have to make a list of items, go to Timmies, and then check them all. The ladies at cash normally hold my items for me, they are really nice that way. I just explain that I want to check the batch codes, and they totally understand. Timmies is a 2 minute walk, and has free Wi-Fi so it works out.

I was more interested in the other items that day, so I skipped over the Milk products, but got this super sparkley Nail Polish from Ciate called Sloaney,Sweetie($3.99CAD, Reg. $7CAD). I also got a liquid eyehsadow, which isn’t something I have ever had before. it is called Cooling Eyeshadow Slink in Ice Box($4.99CAD, Reg. $8CAD), which really does feel cool on your eyes when you apply it.

Ciate London is known for making some rather unique items, that have properties that aren’t necessary, but make your makeup process a bit more fun. I want to try their colour change metallic liquid lipsticks.

Brokedown Vanity - SH - Winners - 2d - Swatches

I also found these Duo Chrome lipglosses, which looked pretty, though it is hard to catch the magic on a camera. I didn’t even realize that they were by Paris Hilton until I got home, haha. You get a pound of glitter, the 3 glosses, called the Iridescent Dream Trio, for $5.99CAD, Reg. $8CAD. They are very light feeling, not super sticky. I was actually surprised by the quality of these.

There was some different products from Sigma. I really liked everything I had tried from before, so since I had picked up all lip products the last time, I figured I’d try something for my eyes this time. This Eyeliner goes on so smoothly, it is really creamy. I haven’t worn in on my actual eyes yet, but it looks really vibrant, so I hope it works out well. I chose this colour to go with the Ciate liquid eyeshadow. It was only $3CAD, Reg. $9CAD. The price for the quality is just insane.

I also found some products from Flower Beauty. We don’t have Drew Barrymore’s line in Canada yet, so I was really happy to find a few things from the line. I decided to try this Color Play Creme Eyeshadow in Midnight Garden, which was $3.99CAD, Reg. $6CAD. It has some sparkles in it, which I thought was interesting for such a dark creme shadow. It doesn’t feel thick or scratchy on the eyes either.

Lastly, I grabbed this e.l.f. Kiss it Goodbye Lip Colour Remover. I have a few liquid lipsticks that just don’t like to come off, and while I have been using a few home remedy options for those situations, I saw this and thought I’d try it out. While I do have a few places I go to get e.l.f. products, they always seem to have the same things. I like that Winners carries some of the things I don’t normally find. And getting a buck off never hurt anyone! This was $2.99CAD, Reg. $4CAD.

It was a great haul, and I really didn’t spend all that much for what I got. You really should check out your local Winners, if you live in Canada, you might find some really  great makeup treasures. I know this week I saw some Too Faced items popping into the store. I am still trying to find an undamaged Cargo palette that I really want. They are always destroyed by the time I get there though. Wish me luck!

‘Til Tomorrow


***Disclaimer – I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned on this blog. I just started to blog, so who would sponsor me, seriously. All items featured were purchased with my own money, gained by some other means, like awesome gifts from peoples, trades, or perhaps even a promotion of some sort.***


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