Beauty Product Favorites – June 2018

Brokedown Vanity - June 2018 Favorites - 1

I had a lot I was trying out and consistently grabbing to use this month. The one thing I learned was a great idea on my part, was the blogging box I put next to my computer. In it I was storing all the products for review, or things I needed to credit and get info off of the package. I also keep my receipt folder/pouch thing in there, so I can reference prices. I have a little cup with pens, nail files and things too. I also started leaving some products in there, like lip balms, body mist, hand cream. Best decision on my part, as it promotes me to remember to put that stuff on, and I have been enjoying myself when I sit down to write my posts.

Brokedown Vanity - June 2018 Favorites - 2

Joe Fresh Eyeshadow Trio Mini Palettes in Gold Rush and Modern Smokey Eye

I bought these a while back, when I first started my journey on this blog. I had played with them a few times before, but didn’t really hit them until this month.

I was moving my stuff from purse to purse and decided to refresh the makeup bag I carry around with me. These Trios have  a very solid, not easily opened case, which is why I initially chose them. I don’t have to worry about accidental eyeshadow bombs in my purse with these. They really do take a bit of effort to open, and I love that. There is not a single matte in these, so I have been using them along with another mini palette, that my sister gave me, which is all mattes, by Chanel. I have come up with some really great and quick(like 5 minute) looks from these, which is exactly what you want from a purse kit.

The colour combos suit my eyes, as I have Green eyes that have a lot of yellow and blue in them. They are a bit powdery, but are really pigmented. They blend really well too. Utterly surprised with these, and am happy with this great shopping find.

tarte – Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer in Park Ave Princess

My bestie gave me a tarte blush a few months back and I fell in love with it. It was the first tarte product I had the opportunity to try out. It made me want to explore the brand a bit more, so I ended up getting another blush, some mascara, a few creme eyeshadows and a bronzer.

I’ve had to work in some fairly gnarly conditions in the past, and have always looked for quality waterproof makeups that can stand the harsh outdoors and other situations.

I can say this bronzer is great. I thought it looked a bit too dark at first, but it blends out not so true to pan, but is buildable. It is more satin than I would like, I like my bronzer almost matte. I was surprised I liked this so much, but have been enjoying it immensely. It really does have great staying power as well.


Brokedown Vanity - June 2018 Favorites - 3

I recently did a Shopping Haul – Birthday Shop at the Body Shop post with my second ever Youtube Video included. Naturally I started using all those items over the course of june. These are the ones I have used the most and am really enjoying.

The Body Shop – Body Butter in Fuji Green Tea

I have talked about this one multiple times on the blog so far. I can’t get over the scent of it, and will be sad once the retire this one. I will try to enjoy it as much as I can while it is still here. I enjoy the cooling feeling it has when it goes on. It is really noticeable with this one, more so than my others of the line. This was meant to be in my purse, to replace the one I gave to my bestie, but I have stuck it in that Blogger Box next to the computer, and it hasn’t left.

The Body Shop – Lip Butter in Pink Grapefruit

Grapefruit anything is my weakness. The Body Shop has always had Grapefruit as part of their lineup over the years, and while the items may change, they are always well-loved by me. It has been a while since I have found a Pink Grapefruit Lip Butter, so when I saw it, I snagged it right up. This is in the Blogger Box too!

The Body Shop – Born Lippy Lip Balm in Satsuma Shimmer

I actually used this so much, I ended up doing an early review on it, as I felt I had used it enough to formulate a full opinion on it. You can read about it in my Tuesday’s Honest Reviews – The Body Shop – Born Lippy in Satsuma Shimmer Post.

I really enjoy it, and love the shimmer. I really hope that The Body Shop makes more like this, as the other lip balms do not have shimmer options, this is legit the only one. I will be trying the other lip balms soon, as I am curious if they are as hydrating as this one is. It does well as a lip balm, has a normal amount of wear time, and you can’t feel the shimmer on your lips, they are perfectly tiny.

Brokedown Vanity - June 2018 Favorites - 4

Joe Fresh – Essential Lip Oil in Pomegranate

I’ve talked about this one a good number of times now too. I also did up a post on this too, called Tuesday’s Honest Reviews – Joe Fresh – Essential Lip Oil in Pomegranate, which you can read if you want a more in-depth understanding of the product.

I had wanted to try lip oils out, it was something I hadn’t used yet, and one of my favorite bloggers uses them frequently. This was the one that I had on hand, and have enjoyed it. You can’t really wear these excessively, or at least I can’t. I have to let my lips rest for a few days, before I can do another few days. I really like the look of it on naked lips, but this really does amp up lipart looks. Love to layer it on top of lipstick, your lips look so lush.

Sephora – Oil Infusion in 05 Cherry Cocktail

When I did my Top 5 Lip Products I’d like to Try post, and I did the Lip Oil part, I had totally forgotten I had this. I was sorting out where I was going to put my Joe Fresh lip oil, and stumbled across this and was like oh, I had oil all along., haha. I think because it is drastically tinted, I didn’t think about it. This was given to me by . . . someone. Really there are only 2 people who buy me makeup, so it was one of them for sure.

I love the package, it reminds me of a test tube, which just tickles me for some reason. This one sort of absorbs into your lips a bit, so it starts out really thin(not as thick as the Joe Fresh one), then goes even thinner. The tint really does boost your natural lip, while leaving you with a nice shine. This one I find I can only stand to wear for 2 days straight, any more runs the risk of little clogs around your lips.

Laneige – Lip Sleeping Mask

I started using this, as I had been trying so many lip products, and my lips sorta suck and freak out easily. I wanted to minimize the damage, so I started using this mask, if I felt like a hissy fit was coming on. It feels like a lip balm, and you just apply it before sleep. In the morning you just wipe it off. It leave my lips really smooth and soft, and now with continuous use I have even noticed some of my lines are less deep in places.

Brokedown Vanity - June 2018 Favorites - 5

Wet n Wild – Liquid Catsuit  Matte Lipstick in 926B Berry Recognize

I liked my other one so much, that I thought I’d get a different colour to try out. Low and behold, I have been wearing it non stop. I really enjoy this one, and the formula is great. Dries down and stays all day. I do wear something on top, as I honestly don’t like matte lipstick on me. I just like the staying power, I want to not fuss while I am out and about.

e.l.f. – Kiss it Goodbye Lip Colour Remover

I cracked this open early, it hasn’t even been on the blog yet, you will see it pop up on this Saturday’s Shopping Haul Post. I couldn’t help myself, and really just wanted to know if it worked. I have some fairly stubborn lipsticks and liquid lip products, and while I do know how to get them off, I wanted to see if this would help me whittle that time in the bathroom down.

It does help, especially with my Covergirl Outlast formulas. That is what I wanted it for the mos, so it makes me really happy. I am contemplating buying another, one for home, one for purse.

Burt’s Bees – Cucumber Mint Moisturizing Lip Balm

There is a really funny story to this, which you should probably read, if you need a laugh. It is called The Hunt for Cucumber Bees.

Well after finally acquiring this, I can’t stop using it. I have already probably use a 1/4 of the tub. I even made a postit, put it on the man’s wallet, that he was to get me another one, if he was by that seedy rest stop again. I have no reliable means of getting it right now, myself, so he is my only hope. I need a backup, just in case something happens to this one.

It is sooooo good.

Brokedown Vanity - June 2018 Favorites - 6

Hard Candy – Poppin Pigments Glitter Stay

I picked this up because I have never had a product like this before. Back in the day we used spirit gum, which we would get from a costume shop, or if we were really desperate, a gluestick. Not joking either, we used the colour change purple ones, so you could see where it was, then it would dry clear.

I don’t have anything to compare this to, as it is the first one I’ve tried. It does keep glitter shadows on really well. I don’t end up with glitter in my eyes, nose, ears and eyebrows. What more can you ask for from a product, but what it is supposed to do.

I haven’t tested it for long periods of time, only about 5 hours tops, but it works fine for that.

Delectable – Triple Moisture Body Lotion in Candy Sparkle

This is the matching mate to my Delectable Body Mist I have been loving so much. Since I wasn’t ready to throw my Fuji Green Tea Body Butter into my purse yet, I decided to take this for a spin.

It has Shea butter, coconut oil and aloe vera in it. I feel really refreshed once I have applied it. Love the scent, and have had no reactions to it. Been throwing it on after swimming too.

Avene – Hydrance Light Hydrating Cream

My sister gave this to me, and I started to use it. It is meant for normal to combination skin, so I suspected it wouldn’t do what I’d need it to, which was right. I do like how it feels and smells, so I started to use it on my feet. I have been wearing saddles a lot, due to the weather, and my feet need extra attention while out an about. This has really helped with keeping them from getting chafing where the bands sit. I keep this in my purse, and apply just before I get out of the vehicle, normally. It absorbs super quick too. I am really enjoying the condition it has kept my feet in. I might have enjoyed it a bit too much, as the bottle is only a 1/5 full  now. Oh well, it works, and I might have to buy another.




That is it for this month. I might not have bought anything in may, but I did have lots of things from april to play with, so I am glad this post wasn’t some dinky little thing, haha.

I hope you found this useful, in some sort of fashion.

‘Til Tomorrow

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***Disclaimer – I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned on this blog. I just started to blog, so who would sponsor me, seriously. All items featured were purchased with my own money, gained by some other means, like awesome gifts from peoples, trades, or perhaps even a promotion of some sort.***

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