Top 5 Posts of June 2017

Brokedown Vanity - Top 5 Posts for June 2018

I don’t know why I like doing these posts each month so much, but I do! So here it is, the Top 5, chosen by you.

#1 – Tuesday’s Honest Reviews – Must Have Beauty – Matte Lips Duo Kit

Bokedown Vanity - Review - MHB - Matte Lip Duo - Packaged

#2 – The Hunt for my Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay - Born to Run

#3 – Shopping Haul – Birthday Shop at The Body Shop

The Body Shop - Thumbnail


#4 – Beauty Product Favorites – May 2018

Brokedown Vanity - May 2018 Favorites - 1

#5 – The Hunt for Cucumber Bees

Brokedown Vanity - The Hunt for Cucumber Bees

I am really surprised my top post was about a totally random makeup review. I do know when I initially set out to do that particular review, I couldn’t find much info on the same products out there. That might be why the post did so well, there was a lot of routing from different search engines to that post.

If you are interested in seeing what was hot last month, here is the post:

Top 5 Posts of March 2018

Top 5 Posts of April 2018

Top 5 Posts of May 2018

Thanks for making June another amazing month for me and the blog!

‘Til Tomorrow
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P.S. – I finally got around to playing with the idea of a blog signature. I probably wont stick to this one, but it is what I came up with for now.

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