One from every Brand at Sephora – The B’s Part 1

Brokedown Vanity - One from every Brand at Sephora - A's Part 1

Here is the fifth installment of my continuing Feature on the blog. You can catch this every Thursday and Saturday Morning.

The general premise is I go through the list of brands on Sephora and pick one item I would willingly purchase with my usual funds and buying habits, then one item that I would get if I had unlimited funds.

All photos used in these posts are screenshots from Sephora taken the day the post was created. All aesthetic credits go to Sephora and the Brands they represent.

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Bésame Cosmetics

Recreating modern versions of classic luxury makeup.

This Brand mostly offers through Sephora makeup products, mostly lip products, with a few makeup tools as well.

I really like the packaging from this brand. It has a vintage feel, and it does look very high-end. I know they do a lot of limited edition themes sets, which are interesting. I also like that they try to work at modernizing old formulas, to bring back how women once did their makeup, but make it work for things woman want out of today’s products.

Besame Cosmetics - Mini Lipstick Set

Besame Cosmetics – Mini Lipstick Set – $33CAD – 1g/0.035oz per Tube

I really am a sucker for minis. I also have a thing for lipsticks. I can go a week without wearing eyeshadows and be okay and happy with my looks, as long as I have Mascara, Eyeliner and a Lip Product.

I like that even though these are Minis, the packaging on them is still fantastic. These sets are always great as gifts, even if you are just gifting yourself. I’d rather have more colours, and less product gram wise, than a full tube of a large product(unless it is a favorite). Lipsticks are always the worst, as I want to collect many out of the collection. So these mini sets, love them, all companies should do them!

Besame Cosmetics - Mascara Cake

Besame Cosmetics – Cake Mascara – $25CAD – 11.5ml/0.39oz

This one is such an interesting product. It is a water activated Mascara, that can also be used to fill eyebrows and used as an eyeliner. The thing I like the most about this is that it would last you so much longer than a traditional mascara. You aren’t putting a dirty wand back in the tube. Basically you can sanitize this in the traditional was, killing bacteria on the product, as well as cleaning your application brush after every use, which will further save the product.

If I had the extra money that I didn’t care about, to throw at this, I would. It would be so interesting to see how well it works in various conditions.


B. Kamins

B. Beautiful.

This Brand offers through Sephora a wide range of skincare products.

There are some really unique items offered by this brand. I really like the fact that they use Maple Sap as a main ingredient, sourced from Canada. We truly do use maple sap for anything, and this brand has embraced that part of our culture. I like that they try to make a version of each product to work with the various skin types as well.

B Kamins - Sensitive Skin Starter Kit

B. Kamins – Sensitive Skin Starter Kit – $56CAD – 4 items/Various Sizes

I will always and forever like kits that allow me to try a bunch of stuff at the same time. I am allergic and sensitive to all sorts of things, and I am finding new ingredients I can’t handle all the time. Something like this I can allergy test, and if it doesn’t work, I wont feel too bad, as I didn’t buy all 4 at full price/full product size.

This kit is geared towards my skin type, as well as being formulated to help dry and dehydrated skin. This is all so up my ally.

B Karins - Maple Creamy Cleanser

B. Kamins – Maple Creamy Cleanser – $45CAD – 177ml/6oz

This just sounds wonderful. I would never spend that much on a cleanser, just randomly. It is a bit much, when I can get ones that work perfectly for my skin in the $20 range(or under).

If I had the money to just throw at this, I would. It sounds just wonderful. Who doesn’t want maple cream all over their face? Might just be a canadian kink, ***Shrugs***.



Embodying both Structure and Whimsy.

This Brand offers through Sephora a range of perfumes.

This perfume has a heavy base in floral scents. I actually only found one I could even wear, and luckily it is a more spicy scent. Everything does sound lovely though, and I like the bottle designs. Even the rollerballs look cool.

Balenciaga - Rosabotanica Rollerball

Balenciaga – Rosabontanica Rollerball – $30CAD – 0.33oz

With me being allergic to one right off the get go, and the others sounding a bit too floraly, I finally found this one, which is sort of up my ally. Sometimes me and rose scent don’t get along, but this one is mixed with all my favorite things, so I would be willing to give it a go. Since this one can be found instores, I’d definitely go test this out first.

It is mixed with citrus and spice, and I learn more towards guy tastes with my perfumes, so I like food based smells more often than not.



Be Original. Be Natural. Be Good.

This Brand mostly offers through Sephora makeup products, as well as a small line of skincare and makeup tools.

Now this is a brand that I know, and have used their products for many years. I remember when the first one popped up in the Eatons Centre in Toronto. My sister and I would go and get samples, and often times buy a thing or two as well. I have never reacted badly to any of their products, and it is in my top ten of makeup lines that I know are safe for me.

bareMinerals - Go Bold or Go Bare Lip Kit

bareMinerals – Go Bold or Bare Lip Kit – $22CAD – 2ml/0.06oz Bottles(x3)

I probably have like 15 bareMineral products in my house at the moment. Out of all the products I do have, none are lip products. for someone who likes lip products so much, I am surprised at myself. I think it is because I just love their powdered products so much, that I just never ventured into trying the lip stuff. I’d get this to see how I like the formulation. I am not a fan of mattes, but I do like that most of them have a long wear time and are smudgeproof. I’d like to see how these hold up to my standards.

bareMinerals - Crystalline Glow Palette

bareMinerals – Crystalline Glow Palette – $42CAD – 7.5g/0.26oz Pans(x3)

I am lacking in the highlighter department, and this one just looks so pretty. I’d never use the bronzer, something about making my whole face sparkly doesn’t appeal to me, even though I legit love sparkles and shimmer. I’d probably use it as a really pretty eyeshadow. I like the presentation of this, and even if I didn’t use it much, it would be nice to look at when I do take it out.

I wouldn’t even buy a product that I couldn’t use as intended though, so this would be one of those things I’d only get if there was a random bag of cash dropped at my door.


First 12??? down, and only 300+ more to go! I did end up finding a few things that I will probably get myself, as well as some products I might try to find cheaper alternatives for.

The Winner this round for me was Besome Cosmetics. I wanted almost everything. It wasn’t hard to lure me in, as it was mostly lip products, and I am such a sucker for those. I love the packaging, and the fact they do really cute limited edition sets.

‘Til Later


***Disclaimer – I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned on this blog. I just started to blog, so who would sponsor me, seriously. All items featured were purchased with my own money, gained by some other means, like awesome gifts from peoples, trades, or perhaps even a promotion of some sort.***

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