Handmade Crafting – Hand Woven Scarves

Brokedown Vanity - Handmade Crafting - Hand Woven Scarves - Finished

I don’t only make jewelry, but I make many other things too. I suffer from Early Onset Tendonitis, which I started having early in life at about 21. I had always done various crafts, but I was informed by doctors that one way to keep my tendons from seizing and snapping was to keep them stretched out continuously. Most of my body was good on that front. I was highly active in the military, so my body was constantly getting stretched. My hands did suffer though, so when it was suggested that I take up some sort of hand crafting, and do it for a 1/2 before bed most nights, I really didn’t mind.

I already was an avid knitter and weaver since the age of 9, when my Omi(grandmother) first started to teach me.

I thought I’d mix the two together, and learned how to hand weave, which is sort of like using your finders as hooks. I think it is more like Crochet than Knitting.

It is limiting on what you can make, but it is satisfying, as it is very quick, depending on what you are working with, yarn wise.

I’ve had this weird Hand Dye/Hand Woven Yarn from a Local Craftswoman for a bit now, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with it, since it is such an odd type of wool. I finally decided that Hand Weaving it might be the best way to go, as it is so weird to work with, and everything I was trying was all weird gauge wise(I did a few samples of different things, before I figured out it wasn’t going to work).

Brokedown Vanity - Handmade Crafting - Hand Woven Scarves - Half Done

You can see here how weird it is, it goes from really thick to really thin. The wool is so pretty though, I couldn’t resist buying it, even though I didn’t know what I’d make with it originally.

These Scarves take me less than an hour to make usually, I just weave them while I watch TV with the man. It makes it a really satisfying project, as you get fairly instant gratification of something completed.

I have seen acrylic versions of similar weirdly woven yarns at most places that sell crafting supplies, so if you can’t find it in sheep wool, there is the acrylic. The great thing about that is it is machine washable, I try to get my hands on the acrylic dupes when making things for my kids, so I don’t have to hand-wash the scarves every week for them(how do they get so much boogies on their scarves?).

If you would like to try finger weaving yourself, I found a really great Youtube Video, which is almost the exact way I do it myself.

You can do this with a yarn that is weird, so of like the one I had, or those pompom yarns, as well as a thick yarn, like super thick. Another thing you can do, which is how I do the ones for my kids, is take 3 of 4 strands of various yarns, you can mix the thickness, and use all the strands together to make your own unique thick yarns. For my eldest, he likes greys, blues and black, so I normally pick 2 different thicknesses of black, one grey, and then a blue that changes into various shades of blue. It creates a really cool look, and it tends to be warmer, as the stitches have more strands, so they basically fluff out and are more full.

The type of yarn I used is more suitable as a fashion scarf or an autumn scarf. The technique I said above, with the 4 strands, is suitable for full on winter. I tend to make those ones longer and wider, so they can be wound around a few times.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I sort of like sharing with you all my pretty things I make.

‘Til Later


3 thoughts on “Handmade Crafting – Hand Woven Scarves

    1. Haha, you are so enthusiastic. Thanks, I do enjoy making them, and we need them where I live. So they are pretty, but very useful too.

      I’ve thought to maybe make one and give it away on the blog sometime before Xmas. Along with some beauty products of course, haha.


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