Raptors Love Makeup – Velocicasso

Brokedown Vanity - Raptors Love Makeup - Velocicasso

“Not all great painters were Human.” said Raptor #2(in his head).

Today Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom launched in theatres, and at this point it has already done $54 Million in Sales.

I love dinosaurs, and no matter how flawed some parts of the movies in the Jurassic Franchise are, I still ultimately love watching them. This one has so many new dinosaurs showing up and becoming a part of the Family.

My son and I went out and looked at all the new toys last night. I ended up getting both of them a little gyrosphere and the rounded submarine. Matchbox has a bunch more vehicles too, but those were the two we liked the most. The gyrospheres were the last ones left , so only the boys got some. I will have to try to find some more the next time I go out, because my daughter and I want them too.


I have been trying to find unique ways of using my expired makeup products, so have started playing around at making art with them. I did up 3 last night, and my youngest son liked them and wanted to try, so that is what you see above.

He did the lipstick in lines, then took the lip liners and swirled them around, then fluffed eyeshadow over top. I have to figure out some sort of sealer, so that these don’t end up melting on the walls in the sun or something.

He wants to sell it at his school’s Pay it Forward Fair next year, so I have time to try to figure that out.


That is it for today, it was a busy one for me, so I haven’t had the time to do much else. Super busy weekend as well, so I will be popping in quick, then jetting back out, haha.

Hope you all have a good one this weekend!

‘Til Tomorrow


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