June 2018 Custom Nail Polish + Mix Giveaway – Canadian Residents and International

Yesterday I did up a post for a DIY Nail Polish that re-purposes expired eyeshadows. I ended up making double, and extra mix, so I decided to do a giveaway.

Brokedown Vanity - Giveaway Swatches

These are the Swatches of the Nail Polishes my Daughter and I created. These Swatches are 2 coats each, with a clear polish used as the mixing medium for the eyeshadow and Glitter Mixes.

If they look to be of something of interest, then please feel free to apply for the giveaway!

Brokedown Vanity - Canadian Resident Giveaway

Canadian Resident Giveaway Application

For the Canadian Resident Giveaway, you get all 3 of the already mixed nail polishes.


Brokedown Vanity - International Giveaway

International Giveaway Application

For the International Giveaway, due to the laws on Nail Polish being Shipped in and out of out country, I decided to keep it simple for myself, and only send out the Mix for the polish. To compensate for the lack of actual polish, I have portioned out enough mix to create 2 polishes with. That way you can have some for yourself, and some for a friend/loved one.


All eyeshadows used were sanitized prior to making the actual polish/Mix. The eyeshadow is expired product, so the mix is not meant to be used on your eyes, please do not do so. The Mix also has NON cosmetic grade glitter, so if it were to get in your eye/mouth, it does have harmful dyes and sharp edges. DO NOT USE THE MIX AS MAKEUP!!! It is mean for mixing into nail polish only, and is perfectly safe for nails.



  1. You must fill out the Application Form for the Giveaway
  2. You must be following the blog
  3. If you wish to be contacted through Instagram or Twitter, you must be following me back on those social media platforms
  4. For the Canadian Resident Giveaway – You Must Reside in Canada and have a current Canadian Address.
  5. Any Application Forms for the Giveaway not fully completed, and not following the rules above, will be considered Null&Void.


The Giveaway ends on Tuesday July 3rd 2018, at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time. Winners will be chosen by a random selector online, based on the number of your application. I will be using the RandomResults.com generator for the selection process.

I will announce the winners on Wednesday July 4th 2018, at some point during the day. At the time I will be contacting the winners through their contact of choice. You will have until Tuesday July 10th 2018, at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time to contact me. If I don’t receive a reply to my message through your contact of choice, I will select another winner. This will go on until I finally find someone who actually responds.

After the Winner has contacted me, I will need your Real Life Name and Address. There is no way for me to get the items to you without this information, so if that makes you uncomfortable, then by all means, don’t apply for this giveaway.

If you wish to send your Giveaway as a present to someone else, that is fine. I still need a Real Life Name and Address.

I am paying for the initial shipping cost. If your country has any fees on arrival for parcels, that cost is not covered by me. You might want to look into that before applying. The Parcel will be claimed as a Gift/Present, when I do the form. Most countries do not charge on arrival for these types of parcels.

I am not responsible for anything to do with the parcel once I have paid for it and sent it off. If it does not arrive, it is no fault of mine. Things do happen in the mailing world.


If you have any questions, feel free to write them in the comments here, or you can contact me through the Official Blog Email: brokedownvanity@gmail.com

This is my first Giveaway, so I might have missed something, or there could have been something I didn’t think about. I might have to amend some information here, if anything of concern crops up.

‘Til Later


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