Just Nail It – DIY – Homemade Nail Polish(The Easy Way)

*** WARNING – Super Long Post ***

Today I am bringing you a DIY(Do it Yourself) that is something I have been wanting to share for some time.

When I Initially started my little lost vanity makeup purge at the start of the year, I was mildly appalled at how much product I let just sit for 13 years, going to waste. Some things were hard to just chuck, and others were easier. I also wanted to keep some of the containers of different things, to reuse, which made me think, what ways could I reuse some of these products, even if they are expired.

One of the things that popped to mind was something I remembered from back in middle school. I had a friend named Booger(Real Name Kristena), who use to make her own nail polishes using glitter and her moms eyeshadows she didn’t like anymore. She wouldn’t let Booger wear them on her face, but she could do whatever else she wanted with them. Booger was also an artist, so she use to use them as faux water colour paint too.

I thought my daughter would love to make some custom, one-of-a-kind nail polish of her own, so I kept all the decent eyeshadows. I sanitized them all, then set them in a container to wait out their time until they were reborn.

So today is the day we bring you some DIY Homemade Nail Polish(The Easy Way).
Brokedown Vanity - JNI - DIY - Nail Polish - 1

You are going to need an assortment of tools for this, some things you probably already have in your house, and some you might need to purchase.

What you will Need:

-Nail Polish – Can be something from home or something new
-Mortar&Pestle – If you don’t have one, a bowl and something with a bulbus end will do
-Small Spoons – I used baby spoons, but teaspoons are fine
-Postit Notes
-Wet Paper Towels
-An assortment of glitter, flakes, confetti, whatever you want to add into the polish
-Small Storage Containers
-Old/Expired/No Longer Loved Eyeshadows of all Types(Matte/Satin/Shimmer/?)
-Hands of some sort, yours, someone else’s, hopefully still attached

Brokedown Vanity - JNI - DIY - Nail Polish - 2

My Mortar and Pestle I use for grinding up dried herbs and things for loose tea, so I didn’t really want to introduce old eyeshadows and glitter into them. I opted for an ld bowl and this picnic fork I had that has a rounded end.

Brokedown Vanity - JNI - DIY - Nail Polish - 3

I had an assortment of small things, glittery things, flakes, foil, easter stuffing. I know I wont use all this stuff, but I didn’t know what I wanted to make colour wise yet, so I just brought it all out. Most of this was found at Dollarama, Dollar Tree, Micheal’s and Walmart.

Brokedown Vanity - JNI - DIY - Nail Polish - 4

These are for storing your mix, if you make too much, and for storing any glitter you might have, that comes in little baggies. It’s just easier to pour out of little containers. I got these ones at Dollar Tree for $1.25CAD each.

Brokedown Vanity - JNI - DIY - Nail Polish - 5

Here are the old ass eyeshadows I will be playing with today. Most of it is really old, with that Wet N Wild being one I accidentally broke, but I thought would be perfect for this project, so I didn’t repress it.

Brokedown Vanity - JNI - DIY - Nail Polish - 6

So first you want to look at your shadows and get a general idea of what you might want to aim for colourwise. I decided I wanted to use that Wet N Wild eyeshadow first. It is a very dark purple/wine colour. I added some black eyeshadow, as well as some cranberry. When mixing your colours, always make sure you put some shimmer or satins in with the mattes.

Take your Pestle(or whatever you are using to crush), and mix and pound the eyeshadows until is becomes a fine dust. It is okay is it clumps when you are pounding it, you just don’t want unmixed clumps of colour.

Brokedown Vanity - JNI - DIY - Nail Polish - 7

I then picked put some fine glitter in Black and Lilac as well as some Large Octagonal Glitter in Purple. I didn’t measure anything, I just tried to do equal parts so that the glitter to eyeshadow ratio would be even. The large the glitter is, the more you will need too, as it is heavier in the nail polish, so wont be picked up as easily when you go to paint your nails. Keep that in mind when deciding what sorts of sizes you want glitter wise.

Brokedown Vanity - JNI - DIY - Nail Polish - 8

This is where your Postit Note comes into play. Lay the Postit sticky side up, and you are going to want to roll it from one corner to the side with the sticky strip, on a diagonal. This will create a funnel. Make sure the hole is big enough, if it isn’t, just reroll it. You need it just a bit smaller than the size of the nail polish opening.

You are then going to take your nailpolish, take the brush out, and insert your homemade funnel. Then spoon in your mixture. You need to do this slowly, just a bit at a time, or you will have eyeshadow and glitter everywhere. Once you see the mixture nearing the top, take out your funnel, give the bottle a tap on your work surface, and there should now be more room. Keep doing this until you have about half a teaspoon of your mixture in the bottle. Wipe off any mixture that got around the top of the bottle and insert your brush back into the bottle.

Now it is time to shake it. If you have a nail polish that has the little balls in it, this will be easy. If you are using a polish that doesn’t like me, then you will have to give this a real go. I just took mine, placed it upside down, and pounded it into my hand. I did this for about 4 minutes straight.

Once done, look at the final mixture. If it seems like it is too see-thru, this is when you add a bit more of your mixture. This could also be when you add more glitter, if it doesn’t seem dense enough for your liking.

Add what you think you need, same process as above, then mix again. Repeat until you are happy with the look of it.

Your polish is done. You can test it out now!

Brokedown Vanity - JNI - DIY - Nail Polish - 9

My daughter decided she wanted hers blue, so we put in 2 matte blues, one matte white, one shimmer blue and one satin duo chrome white/purple.

Brokedown Vanity - JNI - DIY - Nail Polish -10

She liked how this easter stuffing(for baskets) shifted colours, so she wanted that in her mix. This is where the scissors come into play.

Brokedown Vanity - JNI - DIY - Nail Polish - 11

I took 10 pieces of the easter stuffing and clipped it with the scissors at really small angles, until I had no more left. This made a good amount of flakes. You can just buy flakes like this, already cute, but we were just reusing things from around the house.

Brokedown Vanity - JNI - DIY - Nail Polish - 12

I wanted to try to make something for a friend who has 5 weddings to go to this summer. I thought maybe I could make a nifty accent nail polish, something a bit unique, but easy to apply.

I took some shimmery gold, satin light brown, matte beige, matte white for the mix on this one.

Brokedown Vanity - JNI - DIY - Nail Polish - 13

I thought I was doing good on the pics, but I missed the focus on this one, oops. Anyways, I thought I’d try these little gold and silver balls I had. I am not sure what I initially bought these for, but I figure if I can’t remember, it wont hurt to use them.

I also added some soft gold and soft silver micro fine glitter.

This one ended up a bit hard to use, the balls are heavy and so your brush will have a hard time picking them up. If you hold the bottle sideways a little, it is easier to get them on your brush. The Silver ones were just a bit bigger than the gold, so they are harder to catch yet. I would suggest using a polish you already have a bit used up on, so that there is more of an airspace. This will help you nab those little suckers a bit better.

Brokedown Vanity - JNI - DIY - Nail Polish - 14

Here are the final results of the nail polishes. I think they are super pretty, and I know I will be making more in the future.

Brokedown Vanity - JNI - DIY - Nail Polish - 15

I had a bit of mix left over, which I did put in those little glass jars from farther up. This mix is in a smaller plastic container because I wanted these to be easily mail-able.

I purchased 6 bottles of polish, because I fully intended to make a giveaway of one of each colour me and my daughter made. Sadly, nail polish is one of those weird items that is really hard to send into and out of the country.

I decided to split the giveaway, so there will be 3 polishes for the Canadian Giveaway portion, and for the International Giveaway portion, you will receive the mix to make the polish. As a consolation for not being able to get the polish too, I have put enough mix in each plastic container to make 2 polishes. So basically you can make one for yourself, and one for a friend/loved one.

I will be posting the details for the Giveaway later in its own post, as this one is getting super long already. So just keep watch on the blog, if you are interested.

Brokedown Vanity - JNI - DIY - Nail Polish - 16

Here they are swatched, 2 coats each. I really love how the purple one turned out. The blue ended up almost having that encapsulated look. It was hard to capture it, but it does shimmer all sorts of colours, the little stuffing flakes. The wedding one turned out sort of nifty.

I am super happy with the results, and with all the random supplies at home, it really only cost me $10CAD for the polishes, micro fine glitter, and glass jars.

A really cheap, easy, fun way to spend an afternoon with my daughter. I was also super happy with the amount of eyeshadow I was able to repurpose into something I wear every week. This batch of eyeshadow will get a new life, I have plans for all the containers, so all in all I am super happy with this project.

Let me know if you end up making some yourself!

‘Til Tomorrow


***Disclaimer – I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned on this blog. I just started to blog, so who would sponsor me, seriously. All items featured were purchased with my own money, gained by some other means, like awesome gifts from peoples, trades, or perhaps even a promotion of some sort.***

2 thoughts on “Just Nail It – DIY – Homemade Nail Polish(The Easy Way)

    1. I just had so much product and was like I have to be able to do something with all of this. The nail polishes actually did use up a good amount of the eyeshadow, which was great.

      Ya, and her last name was Hogan, so she use to say Hulk Hogan(Famous Wrestler) Slogans all the time. She also use to sing Bare Naked Ladies songs really off key randomly out of the blue while doing school work in class. She was something.

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