The Hunt for Cucumber Bees

Brokedown Vanity - The Hunt for Cucumber Bees

When I joined Influenster a few months back, I saw a post written about Burt’s Bees, and how they were doing a public poll on what their new lip balm flavour should be.

Eventually, Cucumber Mint was the winner. It was slated to be exclusive to Target. As we all know, Target pulled out of Canada many moons ago.

How was this canadian girl ever going to get her hands on some?

Last time Burt’s Bees came out with exclusive flavours, I conned my sister into grabbing me some when she was away to Texas for business.

Eventually I saw it advertised in a Shoppers Drug Mart flyer.

Yay!!! You’d think . . .

They didn’t in fact have it though. Nor did the other 7 I checked continuously over a 3 month span. The 1 London Drugs, 2 Rexalls, 2 Loblaws, 4 Real Canadian Superstores and 5 Walmarts didn’t seem to want me to have it either.

I eventually stopped looking.

My Man must have half listened to the one grumbly  conversation about it. Somewhere in the back of his head it registered.

On this day, the last day of my No Buy, he came home from some far off work site and set the small tube on the kitchen counter.

I instantly knew what it was.

“Where did you find it?”

“It was at the cash of this really grungy donut shop we had to grab water at.”


I then proceeded to open it and make satisfied little murmurs as  he stood by with an amused look.

It took The Man, a nasty donut shop, and the need for some H2O, but I finally had my totally unneeded lip balm.

Long Live Cucumber Bees.

‘Til Tomorrow


P.S. Written on my phone so I will fix the post and tag it all later.

7 thoughts on “The Hunt for Cucumber Bees

    1. I thought since I was outside enjoying the nature, I’d just type the story for the post.

      It is a lovely, soothing flavour. I think it would be great in winter, but I didn’t want to save it, haha.


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